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We have more than 2.5 million corneal blind in our country, almost one third of the world population suffering from corneal blindness. There is a great need for good quality donor corneas that can help restore sight in millions across the country.

The Eye Foundation Eye Bank was started in the year 2000 to help eliminate corneal blindness in the region. It contains all the state of the art facilities required for eye banking and a trained set of corneal surgeons who can help in transforming lives of afflicted patients.

Who can donate eyes?

Eye donation can be carried out from any donor irrespective of age or sex. Individuals who have undergone previous cataract surgery are also suitable candidates. Previous diabetic, hypertensive or cardiac patients can also donate eyes.

When can the eyes be donated?

Eyes should be donated within 6 hours of death. As soon as the eye bank is informed a team of trained staff will be sent to the site where the eyes have to be collected. The eye donation is a simple bloodless procedure that can carried out in 10 mins and does not cause any disfigurement to the body.

Is there any contraindication for eye donation?

Patients who have been suffering from HIV, Hepatitis B or C and rare diseases like Rabies and Syphilis are not suitable for eye donation.

How can we pledge our eyes for eye donation?

One can pledge their eyes for future eye donation and help in furthering the cause of eradicating needless corneal blindness. A simple pledge form is available below.


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