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A testimonial video of Mrs. India pageant winner, Dr. Tanushree Pandey who underwent SMILE

“Very polite and brilliant”

Impression : Dr. Das is very polite and brilliant in his job. Just by diagnosing my red eye, he asked me if I have frequent lower back pain which is actually true. I mean how brilliant that is. He has referred me for proper treatments.

Name : Mr. Robin Sharma
City : Bangalore
Date : 04/01/2018

“Outstanding technology”

Impression : Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Wait time, Outstanding technology. Very gentle demeanor of Dr. Sean. He explained the surgery patiently and went out of the way to dig out my old treatment records from his Coimbatore hospital.

Name : Mr. Somnath Chatterjee
City : Bangalore
Treatment : Laser Refractive Cataract Surgery
Email :
Date : 23/12/2017

“Treatment and other facilities are very good”

Impression : Treatment and other facilities are very good. Thanks for your care and attention. We are like to recommend your hospital to our relatives and friends.

Name : Mr. Arthanari S
City : Thiruchengode, Namakkal, Tamil Nadu
Treatment : Laser Cataract Surgery
Date : 27/12/2017

“Procedure was extremely simple and painless”

Impression : Laser vision correction was my first major surgery and I was very nervous about it. But the procedure was extremely simple and painless when compared to what I heard from my parents who took older Lasik procedures. It took a mere 15 seconds for each eye and I could see improved vision after minutes of exiting the hospital. Overall experience was very good.

Name : Mr. Pragadeesh
City : Coimbatore
Occupation : Student
Treatment : Laser vision correction
Email :
Date : 08/12/2017

“Keep up the good work and thank you all!”

Impression : I would like to thank Dr. Praveen Muraly, Dr. Sean D'Silva, Mary Sheela and all the nurses and staff from Eye Foundation, Bellandur Bengaluru for extending their warm hospitality during my retinal attachment surgery and my Mom's cataract surgery. Everyone was so cordial and welcoming including the helpers and security personnel. My Mom is rarely convinced with medical procedures, yet she could not help appreciating the staff. Keep up the good work and thank you all!

Name : Mr. Shailesh Suvarna
City : Bangalore
Treatment : Retinal surgery
Email :
Date : 06/11/2017

“I am very grateful to performing the laser cataract surgery”

Impression : I would like to thank Dr .Sean Da Silva, and other staff at Eye Foundation, Bellandur, Bengaluru for helping me with the cataract surgery. Dr. Sean Da Silva is very sincere and an experienced professional and I am very grateful to him for performing the laser cataract surgery without any issues and helping me with post cataract conditions. He values patient concerns and spend time towards explaining the details of surgery and takes care of any concerns that arise. I would strongly recommend Dr. Sean Da Silva for cataract surgery or any other eye problems at Eye Foundation.

Name : Mr. Rajappa Papannareddy, Ph.D.
City : Bangalore
Treatment : Laser Refractive Cataract Surgery
Occupation : Prof. Emeritus of Electrical Engineering, Purdue University, USA
Date : 09/10/2017

“I am totally satisfied with the procedure, service staffs and quality of the hospital”

Impression : Good. My vision has been improved. I am totally satisfied with the procedure, service staffs and quality of the hospital.

Name : Dr. R. Balaji
City : T.V. Malai, Tamil Nadu
Occupation : Doctor
Treatment : Laser vision correction
Email :
Date : 29/09/2017

“Extremely happy and comfortable”

Impression : I did Laser vision correction two years ago and is extremely happy about it. There was no issue in post surgery and it was so comfortable. I am really happy with it.

Name : Ms. Rayisa Beevi
City : Trisshur, Kerala.
Occupation : Student
Treatment : Laser vision correction
Email :
Date : 30/08/2017

“I would highly recommend this treatment and your facility to anybody”

Impression : Extremely professional staff. Exceedingly polite. I was uncomfortable on the first day but the next morning I felt much better. I would highly recommend this treatment and your facility to anybody.

Name : Mr. Ashwin Venkatachalam
City : Mumbai
Occupation : Student
Treatment : Laser vision correction
Email :
Date : 02/08/2017

“Feel very comfortable and confident in his skills and ability”

Impression : I just returned from my first post-LASIK vacation and it was so nice not having to pack contacts, glasses, contact solution, and a case! My vision is great after LASIK, and I couldn't be happier packing my glasses away for good! Dr. Chitra Ramamurthy made me feel very comfortable and confident in his skills and ability. I am so pleased with the results of my LASIK and the care I received from the whole team at The Eye Foundation.

Name : Ankit Gupta
Treatment : Laser vision correction

“Everything went much faster, I’m really happy”

Impression : I was apprehensive about having LASIK because I feared the use of a blade on my eye. Knowing that Dr. Ramamurthy in the eye foundation hospital in Bangalore would be creating the corneal flap with a laser instead of a blade made me feel much more comfortable. This knowledge helped me remain relaxed during the procedure. Everything went much faster than I thought. Within 12 hours I could see 20/20. I’m really happy I had this done.

Name : Punit yadav
Treatment : Laser vision correction

“Excellent care given by doctors, nursing staff and all supporting staff”

Impression : Excellent care given by doctors, nursing staff and all supporting staff. Level of professionalism and communication skills was highly impressive. Very happy with the outcome of procedure. I would like to personally thank, Dr. Ramamurthy and Rajeev Nair for their personal touch in my care. I sincerely thank them and their dedication.

Name : Ms. Gowri Saswathy Ganesan
City : Coimbatore
Occupation : Medical student
Treatment : Laser vision correction
Email :
Date : 01/08/2017

“I strongly recommend his services in the hospital.”

Impression : I had visited the hospital for Lasik Pre test and for purchase of contact lenses. Snehshish was very helpful and guided me through the whole process. He arranged everything for me for the pretest so that it was a quick process, he suggested me lenses suitable for my eyes which are indeed very comfortable. I strongly recommend his services in the hospital.

Name : Mrs. Geetika Gupta
City : Bangalore
Treatment : Contact lens

Date : 31/07/2017

“Very good patient care”

Impression : Very good patient care and a well organized guidance. Thanks to Dr. Ramamurthy & his team for such a wonderful foundation.

Name : Mrs. Vijaya A.
City : Avinashi, Tamil Nadu.
Occupation : Housewife
Treatment : Laser Cataract Surgery
Email :
Date : 30/01/2017

“I really feel happy with the new vision and the treatment”

Impression : I really feel happy with the new vision and the treatment. I do feel all kind of happiness from the staffs and the doctors.Thank you for all.

Name : Mr. Ghadeer Musabah
City : Oman, Muscat
Treatment : Laser Cataract Surgery
Contact :968 92040000

“I appreciate all staff’s excellent care”

Impression : As mentioned “1 million people leading to light”, I am also lead to excellent light of the world. I appreciate all staff’s excellent care. Thank you so much Dr. Ramamurthy, Sir.

Name : Mrs. K. Shakeela Banu
City : Dharapuram, Tamil Nadu.
Occupation : Housewife
Treatment : Laser Cataract Surgery
Email :
Date : 14/12/2016

“Good care, best guidance and a perfect surgery”

Impression : Good care, best guidance and a perfect surgery. Completely relived from the cataract problem. Thanks a lot to The Eye Foundation and its staff members.

Name : Mr. Mithun Kumaar
City : Karur, Tamil Nadu.
Occupation : Student
Treatment : Cataract Surgery
Email :
Date : 06/06/2016

“Absolutely wonderful experience, Great Job.”

Impression : Absolutely wonderful experience. My entire family has been visiting the place and love the professionalism, and zero hassle experience. My dad's cataract surgery and my LASIK (after over 3 years of considering it) went without a glitch with better than expected results. Great job Dr Sean!

Name : Mr. Sandeep
Treatment : Laser Vision Correction

“Very nice and well equipped hospital”

Impression : Eye hospital is Very nice and well equipped hospital. We r very much satisfied with the staff and doctor. My mother in law and father in law underwent cataract surgery of both the eyes. Dr. Sean designs was our consulting doctor. He is very nice and experienced doctor. We are fully satisfied with the experience.

Name : Srivastava
Treatment : Cataract surgery

“Very pragmatic and responsible in delivering the best outcome”

Impression : Eye surgery though a routine surgery at times require detailed analysis to arrive at what could be the best solution without compromising outcome. I would rate my experience with Eye Foundation, Bellandur as first class based on the attention, care and excellence exhibited by Dr. SEAN and the supporting staff. They are very pragmatic and responsible in delivering the best outcome.

Name : Aswani

“I am glad I decided to do Lasik and picked the Eye Foundation”

Impression :  I was down from the US and looking to get LASIK done. Its not the easiest thing to find a combination of the right hospital and a highly experienced LASIK surgeon.

It also seems too commercial in India and moreover I wanted some sort of a counselling session where the surgeon would answer all my concerns and questions. I had spent quite some time researching about LASIK, the different types and also looking at the technology used in the US for comparison to whats being done in India. I have to say I settled on the Eye Foundation for this surgery even though they have been in Bangalore for just 3 months, here are a few reasons why – I sent the initial email and on the very same day I received a nice document giving me all the initial info I needed to know about this surgery, seemed quite professional, must say I was pretty impressed. – All the hospital staff seemed very nice and knowledgeable.

Dr Sean clearly explained to me the entire process and what all goes into the surgery, also patiently answered all my questions. – Since this was about my eyes I decided on the LASIK femtosecond blade free surgery. On the day of the surgery Dr Sean also explained everything that would be happening during the surgery, the pre and post care was top notch. – Have to say I am very happy with the results, I am glad I decided to do this and picked the Eye Foundation, its all the magical work of Dr Sean Da Silva and Dr Chitra Ramamurthy. The entire hospital staff too did a fantastic job..! So if you are ever thinking about doing this, I would suggest trying the Eye Foundation. Nothing like waking up in the morning to a clear vision.

Name :  Mr. Nevin Gonsalves
City :  Bangalore
Treatment :  Bladeless Femto Lasik
Email :


“The surgery was really smooth and was much easier than I had feared”

Impression: The surgery was really smooth and was much easier than I had feared. The doctors (Dr. Sean and Dr. Chitra) were really friendly and understood my fear and cleared all my fears as they explained thoroughly the course of the surgery and what to expect. It was really great and thanks for all the help and for my ‘new eyes’.

Name :  Ms. Saranya
City: Bangalore
Treatment: FEMTO LASIK


“The treatment is so cool”

Impression :  My long wait wish is satisfied. Thanks to Eye Foundation.  The treatment is so cool. I expected operation will be long time and afraid. But everything went normal without any pain. Everyone treated me very well. I have also advised my fellow mates to chose eye foundation for the service and quality they have rendered.

Name :   Ms. Ramya Damodaraswamy
City :  Coimbatore
Treatment :  Optilasik
Email :


“Very comfortable without glasses”

Impression :  I am feeling very comfortable without glasses.  I don’t have any complication or difficulty after surgery.

Name: Dr. R. Sathya
Occupation: Dentist
Treatment: Intralase


 “Clear vision with the help of The Eye Foundation”

Impression :  It’s my great pleasure to be without a spectacle.  I am having my vision clear with the help of The Eye Foundation.  Thank you for your good service and advanced technology.

Name: Ms. A. Sreedevi
City: Coimbatore
Occupation: IT Professional
Treatment :  Intralase


 “Good clarity and everything looks brighter”

Impression :  Dramatic difference in vision after Cataract removal / new lens in right eye. Good clarity and everything looks brighter. Staff very courteous and helpful. Over all experience is very good and will recommend this hospital to others.

Name: Mr. Ashok Ramaswamy
City: Bangalore
Treatment :  Cataract


“I am happy with the output of the surgery”

Impression :  In starting, I found this surgery is little costlier. But my company sponsored 80% of the amount, which help me to take this decision. Hospital team helped me to process the claim smoothly. The surgery was very smooth. I am happy with the output of the surgery. The hospital team is very flexible and they work as per your comfort. Thanks to hospital team for assisting me so well. Thanks to Dr. Ramamurthy for making this operation successful.

Name: Mr. Niranjan Talreja
City: Bangalore
Treatment :  Implantable Contact Lens


“I am very happy after surgery”

Impression : I am very happy after surgery because I went to many hospitals but there was no result, after coming to The Eye Foundation the response was good. Good service, friendly nature. In many hospital they said, there is no surgery for us only contact lens that too temporary, in The Eye Foundation C3R is done successfully and after one year ICL also implanted liked this hospital and very happy about  all the services.  Thanks especially for Mr. Palaniappan, who take care of all my eye care. Thanks for Dr. Ramamurthy, who has done the surgery.

Name: Ms. Vennila M
City: Bangalore
Treatment :  C3R


“I am very impressed and pleasured with the treatment”

Impression : I am very impressed and pleasured with the treatment. All the hospital staffs are very co-operative.  Both doctor and nurses keep asking about how comfortable I am or whether any issues etc., which is really very good. They treated the patient with a personal touch which is very unlike in other hospitals. Excellent in overall treatment and caring.

Name: Mrs. Sonali Rath
City: Bangalore


“Great service and excellent follow up by the staff”

Impression : Great service and excellent follow up by the staff on issues like insurance claims. Great care was given by doctors to explain the procedures and post surgical care. I would like to thank the doctors and staff for the fantastic and high quality services. Thanks a lot.

Name: Mr. Raja Cheriyan
City: Bangalore
Treatment :  Cataract


“I am fully satisfied”

Impression: I got treatment for Cataract in Right Eye along with surgery for sight vision correction from The Eye Foundation hospital Sungam branch on 02/12/2015. I am fully satisfied with the way in which the entire procedures of operation and I thank all the Staff, Nurses and Dr. Srinivas Rao. I wish all the best for the team.

Name : Mr. M. Venkatachalam
City: Coimbatore
Occupation: Bank Manager – Retired
Treatment :  Cataract


“My sincere thanks and gratitude towards the excellent service and treatment”

Impression: This is Kamala Priya Gnanasivam, daughter of Dr. G. A. Nagarajan. I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks and gratitude towards the excellent service and treatment provided by Dr. Ravi and The Eye Foundation team on Nov 19, 2015. I got my cataract at the age of 40years with no history of wearing lens, glasses or diabetes. Initially I was so worried and spoke to Dr. Ravi; he comforted me and provided guidance regarding cataract procedure. I had my left eye operated in USA. I planned for my India trip in Nov and contacted Dr. Ravi to get right eye procedure done in India. From the beginning, he provided me with all the essential details regarding the procedure. Surgery got carried out very comfortably and recovery follow-up by Dr. Ravi and his team was excellent. Now I am back in USA and continuing on my eye drops. Vision is clear, and I am thankful to Dr. Ravi and The Eye Foundation team.

Name : Mrs. Kamala Priya Gnanasivam
City: USA
Occupation: Senior Scientist
Treatment : Cataract


“Good care for my eyes”

Impression: The team of The Eye Foundation, Coimbatore, has really taken a good care for my eyes. For which I am always thankful to them. Especially Dr D Ramamurthy, he was very gentle and kind towards my situation, because it was serious and the matter escalated towards the extreme, but now I got 6/6 vision by the help of ICL Implantable Colamers Lens surgery or IOL Implantable optic lens. Thank you very much to the whole team THE EYE FOUNDATION, COIMBATORE

Name : Mr. Sonu Abraham
City: Kerala(ERNAKULAM)
Occupation: Senior Scientist
Treatment : ICL Implantation


“Staffs are very pleasant, helpful and very clean”

Impression: I was very impresses with this hospital. Staffs are very pleasant, helpful and very clean. The doctor Sean S Da Silva is an excellent doctor. He was very gentle with the procedure and always had a smile. I will surly & highly recommend this Eye Foundation Center to all.

Name : Mrs. Harshila
City: USA (New York)
Occupation: Own Business
Treatment : Cataract


“Pleasing nature and the behavior towards old age patients is very much appreciable”

Impression: We were very much pleased with your approach towards my father regarding the treatment for eye. Your pleasing nature and the behavior towards old age patients is very much appreciable. We whole hearty thank you for the great service for giving vision from darkness to light. We pray to almighty for your good health and long life so that you continue the good work of serving the people. Service to mankind is the most essential because without vision it is absolutely nothing. Looking forward to the pleasure of meeting you.

Name : Mr. V. Venkatesh
City: Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu.


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