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Super Speciality Eye Care Hospitals in South India

The preferred destination for the eye care needs of millions, across the globe.

  • More than 35 years of Trust
  • 2.5 million satisfied patients
  • Pioneers in Laser Vision Correction

Mission : The Eye Foundation is dedicated to providing quality eye care with clinical excellence and patient care of the highest order by constantly upgrading the knowledge & technology.

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The preferred destination for the eye care needs of millions, across the globe.

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Patient Experience

I remember I was in 5th grade, when my mom had a check up in 2005 and it was the time she was about to switch from contact lens to undergo lasik treatment named Zyoptix...

Shivaram Krishnan

I had the cataract surgery done for my mother-in-law, I am very happy and very satisfied with the doctors and all the other staff, I just can’t miss thanking Dr.Sean D Silvia...

UmaieHanie Syed

First of all I thank Dr. Mohamed Faizalwho treated me well for my lasik operation... I have some confusions in selecting what kind of lasik which suits for my future dream at best cost...

Surya Karuna

Best eye hospital I have ever visited. I have undergone femtolasik eye surgery and it was a complete success. Thanks to Dr Gopal R and his team for completely curing my eye…


I was referred by my endocrinologist Dr.Niran to Eye Foundation. It was my first time visit for a diabetic retinopathy check up. Called the reception at 9 am for appointment and…


I highly recommend this hospital. Staff is very knowledgeable. They have very efficient systems in place that allows them to keep track of procedures and to follow up…

Stanley Stephen

I had a very nice experience with the eye foundation and also a very pleasant experience with Dr Ramamurthy who was there throughout my Laser eye surgery. And also his experience and…

Anju Setha

I underwent a Lasik Eye surgery for my eyes in eye foundation as I was fed up using glasses and I visited eye foundation, like everyone i was bit scared as the surgery was in eyes…


If you are residing in Coimbatore and want a proper eye check up, I suggest you to have it at the eye foundation. They've branches at many places. You'll be given an

Manoj VM

I visited The Eye Foundation, Bangalore for eye sight correction… The pre-tests were pretty good… Dr. Sean and Dr.AdarshNaik have analysed the reports and


Impression : This is Kamala PriyaGnanasivam, daughter of Dr. G. A. Nagarajan. I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks and gratitude towards

Mrs. Kamala PriyaGnanasivam

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Yes, kids can develop eye diseases. The most common because when kids usually get eye issues is vitamin deficiency and their habits can bring about refractive errors, lazy eye, pink eye, and others. Other than this they may also get serious eye diseases like premature retinopathy, cataract, and squint.

The prolonged rubbing of the eye is not a good thing because it might bring the micro-scratches in the corneal part of the eye which leads to a condition called keratoconus. Due to this, you may get blurry vision anyhow it could be corrected by wearing glasses still it is advisable not to rub the eyes.

The cross-eye or squint is a condition where your eye cannot focus in one direction kids are highly prone to getting them. It could be corrected by treatments, surgeries, eye patches, and lenses, nothing to worry about with the advancement in the ophthalmic field but taking treatments at an early stage is recommended to avoid vision loss.

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