Glaucoma is a silent killer that is nearly asymptomatic until there is a serious irreversible vision loss. Dr. Chitra Ramamoorthy explains about Glaucoma, the gravitas of the condition and the treatments.

Awareness is the key to safeguard your vision from Glaucoma. Protect your vision with timely screening for Glaucoma! Register for a free consultation camp for Glaucoma at The Eye Foundation as a part of the World Glaucoma Wee

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Dr. Ramamoorthy and Dr. Chitra Ramamoorthy’s speak on the importance of screening and awareness about Glaucoma ahead of World Glaucoma Week that appeared in Dinakaran daily newspaper.

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World Glaucoma Week Awareness Press Release by The Covai Post

Dr. Chitra Ramamoorthy speaks on the importance of screening and awareness of World Glaucoma Week published in The Covai Post news.

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