India contributes to one-fourth of the world blindness. Almost 80 percent of which is

India contributes to one-fourth of the world blindness. Almost 80 percent of which is curable. Cataract, the leading cause of visual loss in the elderly, can be treated by a simple surgical procedure. However, lack of awareness and economic constraints prevent a vast majority of the population from receiving adequate care. If left untreated, an advanced cataract can lead to permanent visual loss.

The Eye Foundation conducts various outreach programs under its charitable wing the Nethra Jyothi Trust. Numerous eye camps and school health camps are conducted through the charitable hospitals ThirumurthiNethralaya at Tirupur and Rajalakshmi Nethralaya at Coimbatore.

ThirumurthiNethralaya was conceived in the year 1985 as an eye care facility for underprivileged patients in and around Tirupur, Palladam and Avanashi Taluks. It originally began as a small clinic and later evolved into a full fledged eye hospital with in-patient facilities by the year 1992. The hospital caters to the economically weaker section of the society by providing free or concessional eye care. Cataract surgeries were performed free of cost in the year 2015.

School Screening Programs

Uncorrected refractive error is the most common cause of reduced visual acuity in the younger population. The Eye Foundation conducts regular school camps to diagnose and treat such conditions. In the year 2013, 62994 children from 61 different schools and colleges were screened, of which 8672 were diagnosed with refractive errors.


Sudharshanam is an endeavor to enhance our charitable services. A one-time payment of Rs 10,000 can be made by an individual or an organization. The amount is deposited in a separate corpus in a fixed deposit. The interest generated every year is used to perform free of charge cataract surgeries for economically backward patients. An individual with a monthly family income of under Rs 3,000 can avail free surgery under this scheme. Moreover, the donors can also identify a patient every year to benefit from the scheme. Immediately following surgery, the donor is intimated regarding the details of the patient.

Your donation towards this scheme can be sent to our Coimbatore address, following receipt of which we will mail you the enrollment form.

Sudarshanam Enrollment Form

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