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Frequently Asked Questions

The prolonged rubbing of the eye is not a good thing because it might bring the micro-scratches in the corneal part of the eye which leads to a condition called keratoconus. Due to this, you may get blurry vision anyhow it could be corrected by wearing glasses still it is advisable not to rub the eyes.

The answer is yes when you are close to the television or computer your eyes get hurt if it is continued it may bring eye conditions like dry eyes, lazy eyes, refractive errors, and computer vision syndrome. So try not to use them in a closer manner.

The blood pressure could damage the blood vessels that are supplying blood to the retinal part of the eye. The retina is the part of the eye that is responsible for clear vision if it is not that may influence your eyesight this condition is called hypertensive retinopathy.

Yes, kids can develop eye diseases. The most common because when kids usually get eye issues is vitamin deficiency and their habits can bring about refractive errors, lazy eye, pink eye, and others. Other than this they may also get serious eye diseases like premature retinopathy, cataract, and squint.

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