Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer Vision Syndrome

Studies prove that 88% of Computer users in a work place suffer from computer
eyestrain. Prolonged computer use can stress....

Who is Affected by Computer Vision Syndrome? (CVS)

Studies prove that 88% of Computer users in a work place suffer from computer eyestrain. Prolonged computer use can stress one’s eyes and impact his or her vision development.

Computer Vision Syndrome Treatment

What are the Symptoms of CVS?

If you or your child spend more than two hours each day in front of a computer screen, you are likely to Experience Some Degree of Computer Vision Syndrome or Dry Eyes.

  • Headaches
  • Loss of focus
  • Burning / tired vision
  • Double / blurred vision
  • Neck and shoulder pains

What causes Computer Vision Syndrome?

The main reason behind the Computer Vision Syndrome(CVS) is due to the time spent on the computer screens for a very long time. CVS is one of the reasons for developing dry eyes. Every work activity is made digital and it makes every individual look on the bright screen for more than 10 hours. The daily digital routine makes people spend most of their work time on computer screens. Computer screens are so bright and the different colours with ranging density and pixel intensity make the normal eye to get a deficit. The eyes start to deviate its vision towards the objects. Continuous exposure to computer screens results in red eyes, high tiredness and tear loss. CVS can be cured with medications and normal physical practices. Computer Vision Syndrome does not result in serious eye complications. The Eye Foundation simplifies the pain on CVS patients through reliable medications at an affordable cost without affecting the individual work activities.

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What can I do About it?

The solution is simple for Computer Vision Syndrome treatment: see an eye care professional that specializes in computer vision care. In most cases, standard reading glasses or over-the-counter readers are not accurate enough, because viewing a computer is usually at a different distance (18? – 28?) than reading distance (16? – 21 H). Once an eye doctor accurately diagnoses your computer vision problem and determines your correct computer working distances, it’s a simple matter to prescribe computer eyeglasses that will allow you to work comfortably and productively.

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Will Glare Screens Prevent CVS?

Glare screen filters may help somewhat, but they will not solve your computer vision problems because they only affect glare from the computer screen – not the visual problems related to the constant refocusing of your eyes when working at a computer. Only when your eyes can focus clearly at the plane of proper distance on the computer screen can they experience relief from the fatiguing effects of Dry Eyes Syndrome. An anti-reflective coating (AR) is also highly recommended on all computer eyeglasses. An AR coating prevents glare and reflections on the front and the back of the lenses that would interfere with focusing on the screen.

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Will Computer Eyeglasses make the Screen Clearer?

Yes, because they will eliminate the constant refocusing effort that your eyes go through when viewing the screen. It has also been proven clinically that having the correct prescription in computer eyeglasses increases productivity and accuracy.

Do Computer Eyeglasses look like Safety Glasses?

No, Safety glasses are not Computer Eye Glasses. Computer Eye Glasses replicates the same eyeglass appearance with the modification and selection of Lenses hinged at the frames. Computer Eye Glasses save your eye from CVS damages and other eye problems. The Eye Foundation recommends the best lenses that enhance your work productivity without any hindrance. Computer Eye Glasses protect your eyesight and optic nerve from prolonged usage of computer screens. We suggest you the exact and tailored lens which suits your need and completely eradicates your complications. Get your Computer EyeGlass at an affordable cost from The Eye Foundation.

What about the Tints I’ve heard of for Computer Lenses?

Computer Lenses reduces your eye strain from getting affected by severe eye damage. These lenses limit the brightness of your computer screen. But there are no proven methods that the computer lenses eliminate the Tint’s effects in your eyes.

More than 70% of computer users need computer eye glasses. In fact, according to a study at the University of California, Berkeley, 25% – 30% of children would benefit from computer eyewear.

If I Don’t Have Symptoms of CVS, Do I Still Need Computer Eyewear?

Maybe. According to a University of Alabama study (2004), computer users who are not experiencing symptoms of computer vision syndrome may also need computer eyewear. The study reports that it does not matter whether subjects reported symptoms of CVS. The fact is that viewing a computer screen is a different stimulus for the eyes than reading printed materials. It is much more difficult for the eyes to focus on pixels than on printed characters. Individuals with no visual problems may still be losing productivity and accuracy at the computer. This is the number one reason to get a regular eye exam from a computer vision specialist.

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Will My Reading Glasses Work at the Computer?

Not necessarily, as with anything else you do in life, it is important to have the right tool for the job. You would not use a hammer when you need a screw driver. The same goes for your vision; you would not use distance glasses for doing close work. So in most cases your reading glasses are probably not going to do the job. The correct computer eyeglasses will optimize your comfort and productivity at the computer screen while also allowing you to read and see out at some determined distance (10 – 13 feet). Reading glasses are usually prescribed to read at a distance of 16? – 18?, but computer glasses are usually designed to work at 18? to 28?.

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Is it true that if a Person Doesn’t see the Computer Screen clearly, He may not be as productive?

Vision loss though partial or a cloudy vision spoils your productivity. As there is no vision clarity, you end up misreading the context displaying on the computer screen. Thus, you will take wrong decisions due to the misunderstanding. The Computer eyeglasses help you to capture the right information that displays on the screen. Your productivity increases with the help of lenses. Your prolonged vision activity due to the computer screens makes you undergo eyestrain. It is recommended to wear eyeglasses to safeguard your eyes and your job through the right eye vision

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Isn’t Ergonomics the Solution to Computer Eye Strain?

Ergonomics is important – changing one’s computer workstation can certainly help to minimize other physical symptoms. But ergonomics cannot fix a visual problem. The proper prescription computer eyeglasses at the proper computer distance (18” to 28”) are most important. This can be done only with the right computer lens prescription.

Is it True that Wearing Computer Eye glasses will make my Eyes Worse?

This is not true. In fact, prescription eye glasses can prevent further damage to the eyes. Depending on your prescription, an eye care professional will probably fit you in either single vision or progressive lenses. The single vision lens is designed to optimize your vision at one distance only: near for reading or work at the computer; or far for distance (watching a movie or driving). Many eye care professionals are now fitting computer users with a progressive lens that has a wide intermediate zone, which optimizes computer work. This lens also allows the wearer to read printed material while working at the computer and see a limited distance (10 to 13 feet). It is true that your eyes will get worse if you continue to stress the eye muscles and do not wear prescription eye glasses.

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What is Special in Eye Foundation about Computer Vision Care?

The Eye Foundation has a specialized “COMPUTER VISION CLINIC” for dry eyes treatment, the first of its kind found in this part of the country specifically dedicated to the care of Computer Vision professionals. A customized thorough examination of each Computer user is carried out and his / her problem identified and advice is given. If necessary specific eyewear for the individual is also prescribed. Advice is also given on the ergonomics, seating, positioning of the Computer, keyboard, and general lighting. Our endeavor is to make computers a pleasure for our patients. At our Computer vision Clinic, we offer a customized thorough examination of each computer user and his or her problem is first identified. Advice is given on the ergonomics, seating, positioning of the computer, keyboard, and general lighting. Our Dry Eyes treatment is offered at an affordable cost and we prescribe necessary specific eyewear to the individuals.

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