Contoura Lasik

Contoura Lasik

Contoura Lasik

"A uniquely customized treatment plan for each individual eye."

We are offering the TWIN TECHNOLOGY advantage The CONTOURA VISION :


The most recent advancement in the field of laser refractive surgery is the advent of CONTOURA LASIK which is a truly customised laser treatment procedure according to your eye shape and colour.

The CONTOURA Program uses a sophisticated imaging device which helps capture 22,000 points to customise treatment algorithm for the correction of refractive errors in each eye.

In addition to treating the routine refractive errors, the CONTOURA technology also has the ability to correct any inherent aberrations which may be present in the eye known as higher order aberrations. Correction of these aberrations results in superior quality of vision post LASIK.

The CONTOURA treatment is especially useful in the treatment of Astigmatism or Cylinder powers as it provides greater accuracy in pre-operative data capture and thereby ensures precise outcomes. It requires good pre-operative planning by expert refractive surgeons.

The Contoura LASIK is FDA approved and can be used for correction for all types of refractive errors. Contoura Lasik cost is priced reasonably to benefit every individual and support them regain their eyesight.

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