Dr Nitin N Tiwari

Cataract, Cornea, Ophthalmology (Eye), Refractive Surgery / Lasik


  • Kodavoor SK, Ramamurthy D, Tiwari NN, Ramamurthy S. Double-head pterygium excision with modified vertically split-conjunctival autograft: Six-year long-term retrospective analysis. Indian J Ophthalmol 2017;65:700-4.
  • Tiwari NN, Kodavoor SK, Ramamurthy D, Ramamurthy S, Ravi J, Faizal M. Peripheral ulcerative keratitis: An extremely rare case presentation after Paederus (beetle) injury. Indian J Ophthalmol 2018.(accepted ahead of publication)
  • Kodavoor SK, Tiwari NN, Ramamurthy D. Concomitant use of conjunctival tissue graft from the pterygium itself without rotation in pterygium surgery: A full circle in conjunctival autografting. Indian J Ophthalmol 2018;66:506-10.
  • Tiwari NN, Sachdev GS, Ramamurthy S, Dandapani R. Comparative analysis of visual outcomes and ocular aberrations following wavefront optimized and topography-guided customized femtosecond laser in situ keratomileusis for myopia and myopic astigmatism: A contralateral eye study. Indian J Ophthalmol 2018;66:1558-61.
  • Presented paper and poster in multiple state conferences.
  • Presented free paper in AIOS 2018 (Refractive surgery).


  • Senior Registrar in Department of Ophthalmology at TNMC Nair Municipal Hospital, Mumbai from September 2016 to December 2016.
  • Fellowship in Cornea Refractive surgery (COIMBATORE, THE EYE FOUNDATION), January 2017 to December 2017.
  • Consultant Cataract, Cornea Refractive surgeon (TIRUPUR, THE EYE FOUNDATION), January 2018 to September 2018.
  • Consultant Cataract, Cornea Refractive surgeon (SUNGAM, THE EYE FOUNDATION), October 2018 to current.