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Dr. Shreyas Ramamurthy - Cataract, Cornea, Ophthalmology (Eye), Refractive Surgery / Lasik

Dr. Shreyas Ramamurthy

Cataract, Cornea, Ophthalmology (Eye), Refractive Surgery / Lasik


Current Position

  • Consultant, Cornea, Cataract & Refractive Services, The Eye Foundation, Coimbatore.

Career Objective

  • To deliver advanced clinical & surgical care in External Diseases, Cornea , Cataract and Refractive Surgery with the appropriate use of cutting edge technology. To participate actively in research and academics which would enable me to be of service to the society by providing the best of care and to be at the forefront in my area of work .

Special Interest


  • Lamellar Corneal Surgery including DALK, DSEK & DMEK.
  • Ocular Surface procedures including Mucous Membrane grafts, Stem Cell Transplantation &Keratoprosthesis surgeries.

Refractive Surgery

  • Application of topoguided traeatments, Intra corneal Ring segments, Phakic IOLs & combination procedures in Keratoconus.
  • Advanced refractive procedures including Topo modified Contoura LASIK, SMILE, Phakic IOLs
  • Advanced Cross Linking including PIXL &Customised cross linking


  • Awarded the Gold Medal for MS in Ophthalmology in Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai (2013).
  • Awarded Gold medal for outstanding contribution in subspeciality at IIRSI
  • Awarded Gold medal for Corneal Refractive surgery at the NIO meet, Pune
  • Completed FICO in Merit category (top 1 percentile).
  • Has 22 major publications in peer reviewed journals.
  • Multiple instruction courses papers presented at various international and national conferences.
  • Member of All India Ophthalmic Society(AIOS), Tamil Nadu Ophthalmic Association(TNOA), American Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgery (ASCRS).
  • Received the award as the Best Student of the Year after topping the school in plus two examinations.
  • Awarded the Gold medal in the Dept of Medicine in the Final MBBS .
  • Scored distinctions in Ophthalmology, Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology and Medicine.


  • Ramamurthy S, Reddy JC, Vaddavalli PK, Garg P. Outcomes of Repeat Keratoplasty for Failed Therapeutic Keratoplasty. Am J Ophthalmol. 2016 Feb; 162:83-88.
  • Kodavoor SK, Ramamurthy S, Tiwari N. Double Head pterygium excision with modified vertically split conjunctival graft: Six year long term analysis. Indian J Ophthalmol. 2017 Aug; 65(8):700-4.
  • Vazirani J, Ramamurthy S, Basu S, Sangwan S. Surgical Management of Bilateral Stem Cell Deficiency . Ocul Surf. 2016. Jul 14(3)350-64.
  • Sachdev GS, Ramamurthy S, Ramamurthy D. Comparative analysis of safety and efficacy of photorefractive keratectomy versus photorefractive keratectomy combined with crosslinking. Clinical Ophthalmol 2018:12 783-790
  • Sachdev GS, Ramamurthy S, Sharma U, Ramamurthy D. Visual outcomes of patients bilaterally implanted with extended range of vision intraocular lens: A prospective study. Indian Journal Ophthalmology 2018; 66:407-10
  • Sachdev GS, Sachdev MS. Recent advances in corneal collagen cross-linking: Review. Indian Journal of Ophthalmology. 2017; 65:787-96. featured in AAO newsletter as new journal studies from India (AIOS)
  • Sachdev GS, Ramamurthy S, Kumar S, Ramamurthy D. Unilateral sterile infiltrate following Small incision lenticule extraction. Journal Cataract Refract Surg 2017; 5:59-60
  • Sachdev GS, Ramamurthy S. Clinical presentation following photorefractive intrastromal crosslinking. Indian Journal Ophthalmology 2018; 66:993-4
  • Sachdev GS, Ramamurthy S. Corneal regularization following customized corneal collagen crosslinking. Indian Journal Ophthalmology 2018
  • Tiwari N, Sachdev GS, Ramamurthy S, Ramamurthy C, Ramamurthy D. Comparative analysis of visual outcomes and ocular aberrations following wavefront optimized and topo-guided customized femtosecond laser in situ keratomileusis for myopia and myopic astigmatism: a contralateral eye study. Indian J Ophthalmol 2018; 66:1558-61
  • Sachdev GS, Ramamurthy S. Long term safety of posterior chamber implantable phakic contact lens for the correction of myopia. Accepted for publication. Clinical Ophthalmology


  • MBBS - Coimbatore Medical College
  • MS in Ophthalmology - Aravind Eye Hospital & Post Graduate Insitiute in Ophthalmology, Madurai
  • FICO - Fellow of International Council of Ophthalmology (2014)
  • Fellowship in Corneal & Anterior Segment ,L.V.Prasad Eye Institue, Hyderabad.
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