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A cataract is an eye illness that generally occurs due to the ageing factor. Instead, there is a high chance, you might come across that some of your known fellas would have undergone cataract eye surgery.

Nowadays, with technological and medical advancements, it is now becoming very easier to regain your vision from blindness.

People above the age of 50 years old find it difficult to read, sight and drive at night. These are the favorite activities of the common people.

But when people experience these kinds of difficulties, we people start to feel the missing part. This is quite common and these are some of the common symptoms of cataracts.

What to expect from surgery
Patients can expect the recovery of crystal clear detail after eye surgery. Replacement of deteriorated cataract eye lens with the artificial IOLs.

Surgeons and ophthalmologists will collect the detailed mapping of your eyes. The customized artificial eye lens is implanted to match your eye details.

The surgery takes place for nearly between 20 to 30 minutes.

It is possible to undergo cataract eye surgery on both of your eyes. But, it is mandated that you should be eligible to take cataract treatment parallelly on both eyes.

With the latest technologies, the recovery period of patients is significantly reduced to 2 – 3 days.

Reading the printed and digital characters of different font sizes is the greatest struggle that cataract patients experience.

After surgery, patients feel very much comfortable and easy to read their favourite articles irrespective of day and night.

Reading is the most loved hobby which you can still enjoy and experience with the help of surgery.

Night Drive
It is very difficult to drive vehicles at night time when you have cataracts.

The bright LED and halogen lights rays from the opposite direction create eye pain and focus difficulties which may lead to accidents.

Patients feel very confident to go for a night drive after cataract treatment. The newer lens helps them to stay focused when they are driving.

Sighting Colours
When you have cataracts, you tend to perceive the bright colours of the focused objects as faded and dull colours. Hence, there are chances to make wrong decisions.

Cataract Eye Treatment helps the patient in sighting the original and natural colours.

Enjoy experiencing the beautiful colours at any age.

Age is just a number. Do not make your eyes prey to it. Once you crossed 50+ years old, it is highly recommended to do periodical eye examinations.

If you have cataracts, opt-in for cataract eye treatment to regain your vision.

If you need any assistance or clarifications, please visit the nearest The Eye Foundation to know more about the benefits you can avail of cataract surgery.

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