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Are you worried about your dark circles? - Here is the solution

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In between busy scheduled life, running here and there to get your task accomplished has become a quite normal thing among this generation of people. But later one day while standing in front of the mirror or while looking through their snaps most people used to notice darkly pigmented skin around their eyes.

After noticing it, they wanted to get rid of it because it going to affect their look even though it could be get covered with make-up products everyone looking for a better solution to get rid of them from around their eyes. This makes them end up with the wrong products if you are doing the same thing please stop this to this extent!

All you have to do is first know the reason behind your dark circles, it is not the only reason you are getting them because of lack of sleep there are some more reasons too.

To make knowledge of it and also to be aware of treatments available for them here we have gone through it, check it out!

Reasons for getting dark circles

Not enough sleep!

Generally, human eyes require 8 hours of sleep at least 6 hours because after a full day of work your eyes need some rest this is the time when the circulation will be good. In that case, when you haven’t taken a proper nap that put your eyes under stress due to not enough blood circulation you might get dark circles around your eyes.


Most people don’t even have an idea about dark circles could run through heredity. In inherited cases, you could see them even in childhood days and as they grow they might get darker or lighter. Even some medical diseases could bring up dark circles like thyroid and diabetes.


Getting anemia is a normal thing for this generation of people due to stress and no proper intake of healthy foods may lead to an anemic body condition. When you get it there will be a reduction in the count of blood cells due to this your skin color get paler. This also brings up the dark circles in an individual, if it is the case through proper diet you could equalize your skin color. Get to know how an anemic condition could bring dark circles around your eyes from the best eye care super specialty hospital ophthalmologists.

Over sun exposure

Even sun exposure could bring up dark circles around your eyes, like how the pigment of the body darkens similarly the skin around your eyes also get darker.

Age factor

Witnessing dark circles around the eyes of aged people is a normal thing but have you ever thought why it is, it is because as we are aging the skin loses its elasticity as well it becomes thinner than no ever this makes the dark blood vessels look through. In this case, those artificial creams and lotions couldn’t be with you but unknowing of the fact people are spending so much money on them.

Safe home remedies

Most people are looking for self or home remedies to get rid of dark circles around the eyes and Google is also pooled with hundreds of remedies you could do by yourself. But it is not okay to follow all of them it is advisable to prefer a reliable source. Here are a few effective as well as safety remedies to get rid of dark circles without affecting eye health.

Cold pack- By keeping the cold pack over the eyes could enhance blood circulation by dilating the blood vessels this will reduce the pigmentation over the skin and also removes the clogged dirt as a result you could feel the lighter or even skin tone around your eyes.

Hydration- Staying hydrated is very much important but people are ignoring this simple step. When your body is dry this going to affect your health in certain ways so drink more water between particular intervals.

Additional pillows- Through lifting your eyes could also improve blood circulation so while sleeping try to put additional pillows below your neck but at the same time mind the height don’t put it too long.

Medical treatment for dark circles

Skin lightening creams- You can find so many skins lightening creams to remove dark circles like azelaic acid and glycolic, but it is advisable to check with the doctors before using the ones around your eyes.

Laser treatment- Even people don’t even have an idea that laser treatment could remove dark circles below the eye. After making a proper examination if it becomes essential, doctors could guide you in getting them. It is always advisable to check with the best eye care super specialty hospital opthamologists.

Other medical techniques include,

Through deep peeling of the skin, it could be possible to remove the dark circles around the skin but it requires proper guidance. The doctors could help you with chemical peelings check the specialists.

One of the best ways to treat dark circles is using platelet-rich plasma therapy in which a type of rejuvenate plasma serum will be used to remove them it is considered to be an effective and safer treatment. 

How possibly it could get rid of?

Dark circles are not the problem it is just hyperpigmentation of the skin with emerging technologies it could be possibly removed. While you are interested in getting rid of them from around your eyes don’t be urged on the mission of removing them by picking the wrong method especially when you are preferring home remedies because you might end up damaging your eye. Better go through the above article and grasp some reliable knowledge on it and prefer the best eye care super specialty hospital in the city for better assistance.

Preventive measures

If proper self-care is not taken then there are no possibilities to reduce the dark circles instead it increases the pigmentation of the skin. Here are the preventive measures you can take to deny dark circles,

  1. Take a proper nap & avoid looking at bright screens in dark surroundings.
  2. Try to keep yourself out of stress.
  3. Proper exercises and meditation could work in a better way.
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