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Basics about Refractive errors- Know and provide attention

Vision is the thing which adds colours to the life when you have a good vision you need not get depends on others to accomplish anything.  But the same thing becomes difficult or bit slower when there is any interruptions in your vision and when you are always dependent on others to support you in whatever you are doing.  Nowadays only few of them are with 20/20 vision majority of population in this generation of wearing spectacles or contact lenses to match the power to see the things clearly.  On wearing the specs or contact lenses people get to know having a power in their eyes but not more than that only when you know what the refractive error is you come to know how essential it should be treated from the best eye care provider in the city. 

What is refractive error?

Generally when you see the things or objects from near or far away the light beam of the object get focused on your retina through the lens and this is how you could able to see the object that you are seeing.  But when this light beam is not properly reached the retinal part of the eye you could not see the object clearly like you will be having blurry vision.  If the refractive error is not properly diagnosed in the childhood then it could bring behavioural changes as they grow and it may also affect their social interaction which will be reflected in their school education. So when you find something abnormal with your kid’s vision it is advised to take them to an ophthalmologist without any ignorance. When you encounter blurry vision get your comprehensive eye checkup from the best refractive error hospital from the city.

Types of refractive error

There are four types of refractive errors,
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The myopia is also called near-sightedness people who are experiencing it could able to see the things that are nearer to them but not those objects away. The myopia could be seen in children predominantly and inheritance chance is very higher than other refractive types. If the myopia power is very high then there is a higher chance for development of glaucoma, cataract, and retinal detachment.  


Another name of hyperopia is called long-sightedness people with such refractive error could able to see the far-away objects clearly but not the nearer objects. They could also inherited to next generation, people who has high hyperopia they couldn’t find both long and short distance objects clearly and they are prone of getting glaucoma, squint and amblyopia.


The astigmatism usually arises with the asymmetrical curvature of your cornea so you couldn’t view both long and short distance objects clearly. The people with astigmatism will experience some of these are headache, squinting, blurry vision, difficulty in night vision and etc.


The presbyopia is an age-related eye issue people above 40 will experience such refractive error problem. The reason behind this is as you are getting aged your lens loses the flexibility by its own so that you could not get a clear vision. Usually people with presbyopia could see the short distance things clearly but not the long distance which could be easily corrected via simple eye treatments. It is advisable to get the proper eye checkup from the best eye hospital in Banglore in the city.

Causes of refractive error

Inheritance of refractive errors like myopia and hyperopia will have following, Unusual grow of eyeball either too long or too short Might get problems in shape of the corneas 

Symptoms of refractive error

Below are the signs and symptoms which you will be experiencing if you are getting any of the kind of refractive error as mentioned above,
  • Headache
  • Irritation 
  • Squinting of eye
  • Watery eyes
  • Eye strain
  • Eye fatigue
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If children are getting myopia they often experience difficulty in focusing on blackboards.

Diagnosis of refractive error

The diagnosis of refractive error may includes the following, When you are experiencing any difficulty in focusing the distant or nearer objects it is time to take your ophthalmic or eye check-up. Through the comprehensive eye check-up optometrist will find the type of refractive error you have.

Treatment for refractive error

There are quiet large treatment options for refractive errors which includes,


One among the common treatment for refractive error is wearing glasses, after diagnosing the power of your eye ophthalmologist used to prescribe you with the spectacles. It is safest method to corrective the refractive error issue both in kids and adults.

Contact Lens

Not everyone going to be welling on wearing glasses those people used to opt contact lenses in the total population almost 75% of them suffering with eye problems among them 11% are being dependent on contact lenses and rest population on specs. It may be specs or lenses it is going to be your option but get them with appropriate power as your ophthalmologist prescribed you.

Refractive Surgery

If you don’t want to wear either specs or contact lenses you could prefer refractive surgery. By getting them you could become independent of any visionary aids with the advancement in the ophthalmic fields your cornea will be reshaped through which you could get back your normal vision. Laser refractive surgery is considered to be the best way in this generation it includes LASIK, SMILE and Contoura surgeries. Each of these surgeries owns their own characteristics so according to your eye need and eligibility factors your ophthalmologist will suggest any of them. But always prefer the best eye care super specialty hospital in the market for best treatment.
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During Lasik surgery the surgeon used to creates a corneal flap in the inner layer of the cornea using a microkeratome the excimer laser, and the corneal tissues will be restructed (reshaped) to refocus the eye and the flap is repositioned. The best part is it is a painless surgery and also gives you a quick recovery without affecting your normal activities. But Lasik surgery couldn’t help you with presbyopia (age-related long-sightedness). To prepare for your big day you have to visit your eye doctor for a proper consultation and then you can undergo Lasik surgery. 


The curvature of your cornea will be changed while performing the smile surgery. This will bring your refraction to the normal state and will provide you with a sharp vision again. After you have performed this surgery then you will not need to wear contact lenses or glasses, your eyes will start to see objects without even wearing them. This is a new type of treatment that is approved mainly for myopia correction in the year 2016 and astigmatism in the year 2018. Get it from the best smile surgery for personalized care.

Contoura surgery

The topography-guided Lasik surgery helps in removing the specs by correcting the corneal irregularities behind the visual axis. The Lasik surgery could only correct the power of a vision but the contoura vision which goes into advancing and correcting the corneal irregularities. So when you go with comparison the contoura surgery can give you a sharp visual outcome than Lasik. 

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