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LASIK Treatment or Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis Treatment is an optical procedure done to correct refractive errors in someone’s vision by reshaping the cornea through a cold laser (excimer) that has submicron accuracy. One of the best eye care providers in the city has performed over 100, 000 successful LASIK procedures. They have the latest in eye technology and make use of the state-of-the-art ReLex SMILE, which is the next generation in laser vision correction. The procedure is completely flapless and bladeless, unlike early inventions in LASIK equipment. To get the best out of your LASIK Treatment, there are certain pre-LASIK and post-LASIK instructions that you have to follow to prevent any damage to your newly fixed lenses. Two weeks prior to the procedure, do not use your contact lenses. Do not take antihistamines at least three days before the treatment.
On the day itself, do not wear makeup (especially eye makeup). Also, you should not wear any perfume, cologne, jewelry, or use strong-scented deodorants as the scent will affect the performance of the laser. You should wear comfortable clothes and have someone to drive you to and from the hospital afterward since you will not be allowed to drive. A check-up may be necessary the following day, and you will be able to get back to all your routine activities from the very next day after your LASIK surgery. Avoid any and all kinds of injury to your eyes for at least two weeks after the procedure, which means you should not rub your eyes. Make sure to avoid any place which is windy, dusty, sandy, or essentially any place that will trigger you to scratch your eyes. One week post to LASIK treatment, you should not wear any eye makeup and for the first two weeks. Swimming is not allowed, for the first few weeks after the LASIK procedure. If you experience redness in the white parts of your eyes which is due to broken blood vessels, do not panic because this is highly common and it will disappear naturally in the course of roughly three weeks.

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