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Coimbatore, the Manchester of Tamil Nadu is known for its health care facilities. It is named the Healthcare Hub of India where the hospitals in Coimbatore offers all kinds of eye care specialities. The eye hospitals located in Coimbatore are inbuilt with world-class infrastructure and eye care surgical equipment. The below-mentioned hospitals are well known for their treatment and expertise in eye care that ensures the patients have positive results and faster recovery. Some of the hospitals give free treatment and eye checkups for the people where the victims are not in a financial position to offer their checkups. Few hospitals in Coimbatore run charities to look after needy people.

The Eye Foundation

The Eye Foundation is the best and leading eye speciality hospitality located in Coimbatore. The eye hospital is serving the healthcare industry since 1984. The very first eye hospital is established in Coimbatore and we started to expand our eye care hospitality services over 11 locations. The Eye Foundation has excellent infrastructure, a well-experienced team of ophthalmologists and advanced surgical equipment. At The Eye Foundation, patient satisfaction with the hospitality services stands at 9/10 and the eye surgical success rate stands at 99.99%. The Eye Foundation has high brand equity and 1 in 3 eye operations are done in The Eye Foundation. The best choice to make your eye surgery. The Eye Foundation initiates Free Eye Consultations for the betterment of society. 

PSG Hospitals

PSG Hospitals are one of the top 10 health care service providers in Coimbatore.PSG is a multi-speciality hospital with varied specialities and departments. The ophthalmology department is founded in 2009 and it is one of the hospital’s specialities to take medication. The PSG institution is located at the hotspot of Coimbatore city and they are popular in and around the locality. PSG owns and operates the best medical college that nurtures the best doctors to serve the people in society. PSG Hospitals is one among the group of PSG. The eye hospital has the best ophthalmologists and surgical equipment to make patients regain their eyesight. The infrastructure and hospitalities of the PSG Hospitals are at its best.

Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

Sri Ramakrishna Hospital is the pioneer of the multi-speciality hospital located at Coimbatore. This hospital has been serving the healthcare industry for more than 46 years and they provide varied specialist and department services in healthcare. The ophthalmology department in the Sri Ramakrishna Hospital has surgical equipment and infrastructure facilities to accommodate the inpatients and outpatients. The hospital has a well-experienced team of ophthalmologists to handle eye problems. The hospital is located within the city limit and they run a charity to help the needy by offering free services to society. 

KG Hospital

KG Hospital is founded in the year 1974 at Coimbatore. KG Hospital is recognized as the top-performing multi-speciality hospital. The hospital is well known for its services of varied departments. KG hospital has the best facilities to accommodate the inpatients as they have more beds. The Eye doctors in the KG Hospitals have good experience in handling the eye complications of the patients. The hospitals are serving the healthcare industry for more than 4 decades and the patients from varied geographies take medication and treatment from KG Hospitals. 

G Kuppusamy Naidu Memorial Hospital

G Kuppusamy Naidu Memorial Hospital is one of the oldest functioning multi-speciality hospitals located in Coimbatore. The GKNM is founded in 1930 and it has more than 68 years of experience in the healthcare industry. The hospital provides varied hospitality services and they have advanced equipment to carry out eye surgeries. The ophthalmology department in the hospital has good experience and it has the class infrastructures to make the patients comfortable during their medication and treatment. The hospital offers eye treatment and the patients can make use of different treatments in their single visit.

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