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But still, many have assumptions and believe in myths that surround LASIK. Read on as we clarify the most common myths about LASIK that is holding you back. Myth 1 – You are too old for LASIK Fact – The only age restriction that LASIK has is that the candidate should be above18 years. There is no upper limit to get LASIK done. The only qualification you need for electing LASIK is that you need to be free of age-related complications like macular degeneration, cataract, glaucoma, etc., Myth 2 – LASIK is a newly found procedure, so there might long term side effects that are not known Fact – LASIK surgery has been performed for more than 25 years. It has the highest success rate and is the most popular surgery to correct refractive errors. With improving technology, LASIK surgery has only got better. Myth 3 – LASIK surgery is painful Fact – LASIK is a quick and pain-free surgery. The patients are provided numbing drops to eliminate even the slightest of discomfort. Usually many wonder how quickly the procedure was done. Myth 4 – LASIK is expensive Fact – With the improving technology and advancement, the cost of LASIK has considerably reduced over the years. Moreover, your vision is precious and you cannot treat it with any lesser than the best treatment available. The Eye Foundation, the best eye hospital in South-India offers the best treatment at the most affordable rates Myth 5 – Vision improved by LASIK last only for a few years Fact -The refractive error correction done by LASIK is meant to stay for long. There might be few cases where age-related issues come up causing a change in vision. LASIK does not guarantee protection against age-related diseases like macular degeneration, cataracts. Glaucoma and more. Myth 6 – Slow recovery Fact -LASIK is one of the quickest surgeries that is done in under 15 minutes. The patient’s recovery time is just 24 hours post which they are back to normal with clear vision. Myth 7 – LASIK could make you blind Fact – The truth is that there isn’t even one recorded case where LASIK has caused blindness in a person. The procedure is done on the surface of the eye and is considered to be extremely safe. In the rarest of cases, there might be complications, but they are reversible and will never lead to blindness. Thus, there are several assumptions around LASIK. To sum up, LASIK is one of the best choices you can make in life to get rid of glasses and live your life to the fullest. The Eye Foundation, a multi-specialty eye hospital offers the best doctors, most advanced technology, and the best treatment to treat you for a clear vision.

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