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Does your vision interrupted by spots or strings- Might floaters get diagnosed?

Are you experiencing any spots or movements in your vision? Do you know what it is? Whether it could damage your vision? In general, most people used to experience some movements in their vision but not known the name of it, they are said to be floaters. Most of the time you could see them while focusing on the plain background like a mirror, wall, or sky if you get them then knowing about the reason why you are looking at them becomes vital because sometimes it might be serious but due to lack of your attention the problem may get develop further so try to get your proper eye checks from the best eye hospital Coimbatore. To make you aware of the floaters they are explained in detail,

What are floaters and flashes?


At some time you were starting to admire the beauty of the blue sky or try to focus on the computer screen to complete your work at that instance you could have interruptions in between your clear vision like strings or specks that floats across the vision. This going to annoy you for some instance and when you try to focus, it will disappear. These specks or spots are called floaters actually what you see is a vitreous part. The minute clumps of gel or cells of the vitreous when their shadow falls off the retina you could see the floaters in your vision.

When you are noticing them often and suddenly increase in their count there it becomes time to check with your ophthalmologist who is the only person who could help you with the issue behind it. Always prefer the best eye super specialty hospital in the market which serves you with high-quality treatment.


Flashes are when you could see sudden light striking or lightning in between your vision, it looks like meteorites crossing the sky. People might feel rarely in months, weeks, or years flashes that arise in vision at the time when the vitreous part of an eye when pulled on the retina. The aged people might get them occasionally but when it becomes more often this could be time for your ophthalmic checks don’t take it simple if your future vision becomes vital. If you have such light strikings it is advisable to get ophthalmic checks from the best eye hospital in Banglore.

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These are the common symptoms people with floaters will notice,

  1. Can see small strings or specks in your vision, mostly while you are focusing on plain things like the sky

  2. Can see the movement of strings but when you focus it looks like they are running too fast and disappear from your line of vision

May appear in different shapes,

  • ∙ Dark spots
  • ∙ Strings
  • ∙ Cobwebs
  • ∙ Rings

What could be the cause?

Age is one of the reasons for getting floaters because of the vitreous fluid present between your eye lens and retina which maintains the shape of the eye, they are jelly-like substances made of three components called hyaluronan, water, and collagen. But as you are getting old the vitreous jelly substances get liquefied and thus eyes of old people look like getting inside. So these changes in the vitreous layer may increase the chance of getting floaters and flashes in old people.

Eye inflammation, uveitis is a kind of eye inflammation in the layer of the uvea that is the outer wall of the eye. The posterior uveitis could influence the inner parts of the eye including the retina and choroid layer so it could bring the floaters effect in the vitreous layer of the eye.

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Retinal tore when the vitreous layer gets detached from the retina it may lead to retinal torn, if they are not treated properly the vitreous fluid gets leaked and leads to retinal detachment. The untreated retinal detachment may end up with vision loss.

Bleedy-eye, when the blood leakage is there in a vitreous layer of the eye you could see the RBC as floaters. The most common causes of the bleedy eye are damage to blood vessels due to diabetic retinopathy, eye injuries, detachment of the retina, and sometimes high blood pressure.

Ophthalmic surgeries and medications, sometimes to treat your eyes several medicines will be injected into the vitreous part of an eye this may form air bubbles in them until they are completely absorbed by your eyes. During eye surgery, silicone oil will be used this might form bubbles as appears as floaters. Sometimes post-eye surgeries will bring up floaters and flashes, if you find it just take an appointment with the best eye hospital in Kochi.

People who are prone to

Below are the people categories that are at higher risk of getting the floaters in their upcoming days,

  • ∙ People with near-sightedness or myopia
  • ∙ People who have undergone cataract surgery
  • ∙ People who have inflammation or infection in their eyes
  • ∙ People who have diabetic retinopathy which results in damaging of blood vessels that supply blood to the retina
  • ∙ People who are crossed their 50 are at risk
  • ∙ People with past eye injuries

Time to vision ophthalmologist

If you are seeing them rarely you can stay off, there is nothing serious about it but you should book your appointment with the best eye care treatment provider in South India if you are experiencing the below,

  • ∙ Sudden pain while floaters appear
  • ∙ A sudden increase in the count of floaters
  • ∙ Noticing the floaters after your eye surgery
  • ∙ Sudden change in your vision
  • ∙ Loss of side vision
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How floaters will be getting treated?

When you held up with an ophthalmologist they used to look to help with your vision as soon as possible in this way the floaters will be treated via the following ways,

Eye check-up, the first thing any ophthalmologist used to do is check your eyes because this going to help them in knowing the health of your eyes.

Identify the status of vitreous layers, the floaters are a condition related to a vitreous layer of the eyes so knowing their status of them becomes vital for them. In case, the count of the floaters is found to be very high there they may suggest you by getting a surgery called vitrectomy this helps you by removing them via surgical procedures i.e., to avoid floaters blocking your vision.

Ending up with the vital thing, when you are expecting a good quality treatment prefer the right ophthalmologist they will make you stay out of vision loss threat. Unqualified or inexperienced doctors will put you into the vision loss threat. So pick the best eye super specialty hospital by looking at their facilities, services, and reputation in the field they ensure the quality of treatment they provide.

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