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Dry Eye Conditions and Treatment options available to overcome

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Meibomian glands are oil glands along the edge of the eyelids where the eyelashes are found. These glands make oil that is an important part of the eye’s tears. Dr. D Ramamurthy, Chairman of The Eye Foundation from Coimbatore, tells us how dry eye are caused and the treatment options for the meibomian gland dysfunction.

URL: https://doctor.ndtv.com/videos/sponsored-what-is-the-role-of-meibomian-glands-in-dry-eye-know-the-treatment-options-523915?pfrom=home-health&fbclid=IwAR1_YRN9JuoMjMq_hzHcCyzazT-XJ8cOQ8BBhQbfdyHFzUJp_GuggFo-BXU

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