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Dry Eye could be the vision threat?

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Vision plays a vital part in human activity only when you can see things clearly without any disturbances you can do what you want without the need of someone to assist you in each and everything. In that case, to have clear and comfortable vision your eye requires proper lubrication when it is dry there you will be experiencing a gritty or burning experience that makes you uncomfortable. This condition is said to be as dry eye most of the time and the majority of people are experiencing it and just avoiding it by considering it is not a big issue but the fact is vice-versa. So know what dry eye is and why it is to be treated from the content and also always prefer the best eye care provider in South India to get them treated properly.

Dry eyes

Generally, as you blink the eyes the tear inside the eye will get spread throughout it that is the front layer of the eye when your tear duct become weak or couldn’t produce them that leads to dry eye issues. The tear of the eye helps you in getting rid of the dirt, microbes, and other debris from the eyes and they also perform the most important function called lubrication. But when it is failed to do so your eye gets dried and that brings you the teary, gritty, or burning sensation.

Sometimes, dry eyes start to secrete more tears this is called reflex tearing, your brain will receive the signal to produce the tears as your eyes get dried, and as a reflection large quantity of tears will be produced. But these tears are just water they couldn’t perform like normal tears could do because tears are a package of materials. Prevalence of dry eyes ranges between 5-50%, with about 70% of an adult getting it after 40 and kids between 7-12 years 6%. 

Symptoms and signs of dry eye

  • 1. Redness
  • 2. Colloidal mucus production near the eye
  • 3. Scratching and stinging sensation
  • 4. Watery eyes
  • 5. Sensitivity to light
  • 6. Blurry vision

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms it is advisable to get eye check-up because there is a chance of getting it, so get your ophthalmic appointment from the best eye care multispecialty hospital.

Cause of dry eyes

When there arises an imbalance in the tear flow system or other factors which can stimulate the dry eye issue in your visual system. Some of the causes include,

  • 1. Normal aging can bring up the dry eyes
  • 2. Menopause could be the cause of women
  • 3. Diseases that could influence the tear flow system like collagen vascular and rheumatoid arthritis
  • 4. If you having any problem with your eyelids that don’t allow you to blink it may be a cause

Diagnosis procedures for dry eyes

A Series of tests are carried out to diagnose the dry eye issue,

Comprehensive eye test- Aging can bring up dry eye issues so by getting the proper eye check-ups it could be get diagnosed in its initial stage itself.

There are certain signs and symptoms which indicate you about having dry eyes, but only when you know what are all you will come to know about it. The symptoms are as follows,

Tear analysis- The quantity and quality of the tear will be analyzed because this could help the ophthalmologist in analyzing the issue.

History of patient- The ophthalmologist used to check the patient’s health history, medications they are taking, and other factors like lifestyle and environmental factors they are fit in.

External eye examination- Not only the internal the external eyelid and blinking will also be considered.

Cornea & eyelid examination- Using the bright light the corneal layer and eyelids will be evaluated.

With the help of the available and collected information, the ophthalmologist or optometrist will process further related your dry eye issue.

How dry eyes will be treated?

The main goal of the dry eye treatment is to restore or to make your tear duct produce enough tears. Even though dry eye issue is a chronic condition still an ophthalmologist or optometrist will ask you to treat them properly to avoid blurry vision. Dry eye treatment includes,

Artificial tearing for people who have dry eye issues mildly artificial tearing drop will be prescribed which will be free of preservatives because this could bring irritation. Those ingredients in the drops will act as a supplement for your eye's natural tearing. If your eye is not responding to it there further treatment will be planned. So it is always essential to check with right ophthalmologist from the best eye care super specialty hospital in the city.

Saving the tears of the eye will be suggested by an ophthalmologist when eye drops haven't worked for you. Silicone plugs or gel plugs will be get inserted in the tear ducts that save the tears.

Risk and complications of dry eyes

People with dry eyes usually come across the following complications,

Eye infections- Tears of the eyes act as a barrier to the microorganism and will not allow other debris to settle inside the eye but when there is no adequate amount of tear secretion your eyes become more prone to infections.

The surface of the eye gets damaged- Untreated dry eyes will get severe which may lead to eye inflammation, corneal abrasions, corneal ulcers, and even vision loss.

As much as dry eyes are continuous it going to have a greater influence on your daily activities like reading, driving, and others.


When you started experiencing the symptoms of dry eyes there take it as an alarming signal as long as you are leaving it they can start affecting your vision. Here are the preventive measures which you have to take on your hands,

  • 1. Don’t get into direct contact with air dryers, fans, or anything that spreads air, this makes the complication of dry eyes even more.
  • 2. Whenever you are out during day time try to wear sunglasses which will avoid contact with wind and dry air.
  • 3. During the winter season, both eyes and skin get dry when you have dry eyes or experience the symptoms better use a humidifier indoors.
  • 4. While you are reading or using the bright screens try to blink as much as you can which will helps in lubricating your eyes.
  • 5. Act according to the surrounding that is while you are at peaks, deserts or airplanes close your eyes for a few minutes between certain intervals because high altitudes and hot areas will be dry.
  • 6. Quitting smoking and drinking will be the right way to stop or prevent dry eye issues from developing. Even if you are not smoking try not to stay near people who are smoking because it worsens the condition of dry eyes. 

When you are experiencing any kind of irritations or signs that is provided above then it is time to provide an attention book appointment with the best eye care super specialty hospital for better and safer treatment. 

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