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26 April 2019, Bengaluru: A technically & clinically challenging procedure by The Eye Foundation team at Bengaluru has secured a new feather on its crown. The expert eye surgery team has gifted vision to a 7 year old child of foreign nationality, who was born blind. With one of the first of its kind in the eye surgery, The Eye Foundation, Bangalore has further enhanced its excellence in Eye care in the country. Miss. Reema Ameen Hassan, a 7 year old girl from Yemen had been diagnosed with Congenital Glaucoma from birth and had undergone multiple surgeries in both eyes in her country as she was bilaterally blind since birth. She then approached The Eye Foundation, Bangalore with Corneal whitening in both eyes. The doctors in Eye Foundation conducted a detailed evaluation to find that the Left eye had chronic retinal detachment with no visual potential. The Right Eye was Aphakic with Anterior Staphyloma and Hyperopia with normal intraocular pressure. After the detailed analysis the team of doctors at The Eye Foundation. Bangalore led by Dr. Sean Socrates Da Silva (Medical Superintendent, Cornea Cataract and Refractive Surgery), Dr. Srinivas Rao (Glaucoma and Anterior Segment), Dr. Adarsh Naik (Vitreoretina Services) undertook the challenge to perform a Penetrating Keratoplasty with Suture less Scleral fixation of the Intraocular lens with anterior vitrectomy under General Anaesthesia. This was a quite a challenging case scenario which required good planning since the Anterior staphyloma presented difficulty in securing the corneal transplant and the absence of adequate capsular support needed Suture less Scleral fixated Intraocular lens which is a technically challenging procedure in an open globe. Speaking on the unique achievement Dr. Ramamurthy, the Chairman of The Eye Foundation group of Hospitals & the Ex-President of AIOS (All India Ophthalmological Society), says, “This is a huge leap forward for delicate and technically difficult surgery, which in time has exhibited our medical expertise and quality in this kind of operations over the decades. The procedure has put us on the global map for our outstanding potential, thereby extending the boundaries of what we can currently achieve in the field of cataract surgeries. We are equally delighted, as post operations the child was able to see and she was overjoyed at being able to enjoy the beauty of vision in her life.”

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