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Mr. Qaseem, 58 year old patient from Sultante of Oman had lost his vision in both the eyes due to a complicated retinal condition and was referred to our hospital in Coimbatore. He was diagnosed to have cataract with macula involving tractional retinal detachment in both the eyes. His condition was taken up for surgery after meticulous planning by our surgical team. His cataract surgery was successfully done by Dr. Shreyas Ramamurthy and retinal surgery was done by Dr.Ashraya Nayaka. Patient’s vision post operatively improved significantly and was very happy to return to his country to celebrate Eid with his family. Mr. Madhav Aryan, CEO , The Eye foundation said “Team Eye Foundation is equipped with state of the art facilities and very skilled and compassionate medical team to treat most of the complicated eye conditions”. He also said that team Eye Foundation is committed in providing excellence in eye care to all our patients who are even beyond our borders

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