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The Eye Foundation Super Speciality Eye Hospitals donated 64 water purifier cum dispensers (with Normal & Cold Water facilities) at a cost of Rs. 27 lakhs to Government Schools in Covai and 3 neighbouring districts (Salem, Erode, Tirupur).

In addition to this, The Eye Foundation will be maintaining these water purifiers for the next 7 years at its own expense.

Dr.D.Ramamurthy, Chairman, Dr.Shreyas Ramamurthy, MD, The Eye Foundation handed over the Water Dispensers to Govt.School Headmasters in the presence of M.Prathap, Commissioner, Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation.

Speaking at the event, the Corporation Commissioner M.Pratap said the Tamil Nadu Government is taking efforts to ensure that clean water is available and provided to all especially to the students studying at Govt.Schools with the assistance from private entities through their CSR funds, Sponsorships, directing MLAs and MPs to utilize their allotted funds to support improving infrastructure of Govt.Schools.

He appreciated The Eye Foundation for this huge donation and asked it to ensure that they allocate right persons to maintain the water purifier to good standards.He also wanted them to triple their water purifier donation next year.

Speaking to the teaching faculty there, the Commissioner urged the Headmasters in Govt. Schools to ask for support from the public representatives to provide financial assistance from MLA and MP Funds to improve their schools’ infra.

“Teachers’ dedication will have an impact on students’ performance”, hence he wanted them to work with greater devotion to their students developments.

Earlier, Shreyas Ramamurthy conveyed that this donation is an extension of the various charitable activities (like I-Serve project and supporting the underprivileged students) done by The Eye Foundation.Ramamurthy shared that charities has been a part of The Eye Foundation for more than 3 decades.He shared that The Eye Foundation began different social support to less fortunate, and this donation is the next phase of their charitable activities, at the same time he underlined that what they do is a small drop in the ocean.

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