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Find the types of cataracts

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A cataract is one of the serious eye conditions which has to be properly treated by an ophthalmologist most commonly it affects adult people but that doesn’t mean there is no chance for younger people or children. The cataract makes the eye lens cloudy due to this you couldn’t experience clear vision. Your eye is going to be the gateway to seeing this world but when the lens becomes cloudy the quality of vision will be much reduced which couldn’t be accepted by any of them.

At the same time, there is no reason for getting worried about it modern ophthalmic techniques are used to remove the cataract and also increase visual quality. A cataract is not an eye condition that arises in a day, it takes time when you have got diagnosed at its initial stage which helps you get over them easily this could be only possible when you are undergoing routine eye checkups. By opting for the best cataract treatment in Kochi you could safeguard your vision.


Types of Cataracts

Have you heard there are certain types of cataracts too like any disease, to make you aware of it they are summarized and listed in a single article, just take a look,

Cataracts at the cortex of the lens (Cortical cataracts)

In this type of cataract where the outermost part of the lens will be influenced because it turns into whitish or bluish color. In comparison with the rest of the cataracts it is more severe and also reduces the quality of vision if it continues spreading, cloudiness will also occupy the center part of the lens and block the light that passes through it. Be choosy in picking the best cataract treatment in Bangalore.

Cataracts at the center of the lens (Nuclear cataracts)

In this type center nucleus of the lens will be influenced and make them turn yellow as the cataract progresses it further turns to brown color. The dense cloudiness over the nucleus of the lens leads to a lack of distinguishing between colors. Compared to the rest of the types of cataracts, nuclear cataracts usually take time to develop and it affects both the eyes.

People with nuclear cataracts also experience near-sightedness problems and also even find temporary improvement in their reading vision. Being specific in picking the best cataract treatment in Coimbatore is an appreciable thing.

Cataracts beneath the lens (Posterior subcapsular cataract) 

This kind of cataract specifically affects the back side of the lens this type can be predominantly noticed among people with diabetes and near-sightedness. Similarly, people who are consuming medications to treat other serious ailments like corticosteroids may also be highly prone to get posterior subcapsular cataracts.

Subcapsular cataract makes an individual feel difficulty in reading, driving, or facing bright lights and causes rings and halos around the lights. The progression of this cataract is more rapid than others. Immediate treatment to stop the progression of cataracts is vital in these types of cataracts so choose the best eye hospital in Madurai for quick and best eye treatment.

Cataracts from birth (Congenital cataracts)

This type of cataract is an exceptional case among others, an infant born with a cataract or having a cloudy lens in their childhood is commonly said to be congenital cataracts. The reason for congenital cataracts may be genes of parents or may be due to infections during pregnancy. More or less, congenital cataracts don’t cause any type of vision impairment but if it is diagnosed ophthalmologist will remove it. The vision of kids is always set as a priority thus picking the best eye hospital in Trichy is important.

Cataracts due to trauma (Traumatic cataract)

Unexpected trauma to your eyes and any damage to the lens may also bring up cataracts or cloudy lenses. The most common result of traumatic cataracts is lens swelling which will be treated seriously to give assurance on your vision. Standard eye hospital always holds an emergency eye care unit. By picking the best eye hospital in Salem you could preserve your vision.

Signs and symptoms of cataract

Below are some of the most common signs and symptoms if you experience it then consulting an ophthalmologist regarding cataract development is highly vital.

  • Blurry vision
  • Difficulty in reading and driving vehicles at night
  • Rings and halos around light
  • Difficulty in distinguishing colors
  • Double vision

Taking care of your eyes should be your routine list especially when you are aging because cataracts are the most common thing. Through getting routine eye checkups from the best eye hospitals like The Eye Foundation, a pioneer in eye care services for over 35 years you could receive world-class treatment for your eye requirements.

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