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SMILE surgery from renowned eye care provider

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Get SMILE surgery from Best Eye Care Hospital- The Eye Foundation

A SMILE is generally a surgical procedure that will work in reshaping your cornea the SMILE indicates small incision lenticule extraction. If you have errors in your refractive region then your vision will start to turn blur making you to feel difficult while reading and also will make you get a lot of strain and headache. You will meet the help of contact lenses or glasses to see other objects. If you undergo the SMILE treatment then you can focus the light properly with the help of your retina which will give you sharp vision. This SMILE treatment is a good alternative to the Lasik procedure which is the Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis. Many people are undergoing the SMILE procedure and that will be performed by the experts when you come to The Eye Foundation. This kind of surgery is mainly handled by the laser with heavy technologies that will not cause any further issues to the patients. This will enhance the advantages of your corneal layer. During the time of surgery, you will not have any pain. This smile treatment is chosen to be the best conventional laser treatment that will give you the best result. In that case, The Eye Foundation will provide you with the best surgery and also result in zero tolerance.

What is SMILE eye surgery?

Correcting the refractive errors will be done in the SMILE surgery. There are four different types of refractive errors that a person can get including astigmatism which is blurred vision at any distance, myopia which is nearsightedness, hyperopia which is far-sightedness, and presbyopia which is an inability to focus on anything near to your eyes.

Your vision will completely depend on the cornea and the focusing lenses which will give you a clear image. This will require the light rays to be refractive so that they will bend and fall sharp image into your retina. The refraction is mainly performed by the lenses and cornea. If your cornea is not in a proper shape and it is alternative then it may cause the image on the retina to be unfocused and by this, your vision will get blurry.

 The curvature of your cornea will be changed while performing the smile surgery. This will bring your refraction to the normal state and will provide you with a sharp vision again. After you have performed this surgery then you will not need to wear contact lenses or glasses, your eyes will start to see objects without even wearing them. This is a new type of treatment that is approved mainly for myopia correction in the year 2016 and astigmatism in the year 2018. Get it from the top eye care provider for personalized care.

What can you expect when getting into the SMILE surgery?

From the surgery, you will have to expect some of the important things that you can get ideas from your ophthalmologist by talking with them. The first thing that they will explain to you is not to expect perfect vision without contact lenses or glasses. Your vision will improve to that point but it is not certain in all cases. Having realistic expectations is important.

Without the help of corrective glasses, you will be able to perform any kind of task after doing the surgery. Your vision will start to get the cure and get ready for the next challenge. Even after the surgery for some kind of purposes you will have to wear glasses when you are moving out from your home during the night time and you are driving the vehicle or in some other cases reading.

The people who have undergone smile surgery have achieved their visual acuity of 20/40 without making use of glasses or contact lenses. About 88% that is seven out of eight have achieved 20 out of 20 visions without contact lenses and glasses when it gets it from an extremely equipped eye care hospital.

How will the SMILE surgery procedure be done?

Before starting the surgery your ophthalmologist will take an eye examination which will be helpful for them to know about you deeper. They will have to ensure that you do not have any eye problems, especially the cornea. There are still some eye disorders that may cause some disadvantages while doing the smile surgery which may even have a high possibility to worsen after the surgery is done.

They will check whether no changes have occurred over the past year. The next thing is the thickness of your cornea will be checked by your ophthalmologist and mainly they will measure it in a precise way. Later all these measurements will be fitted into the computer that will help the ophthalmologist to guide them properly when getting into the smile laser surgery.

This kind of surgery is carried out as an outpatient procedure where you will not need to stay overnight at the hospital. To make the surgery completely about 20 minutes with the help of a computer-guided procedure. Both of your eyes will be treated together.

The procedure for the surgery will be done with the help of local anesthesia. To make your eye region get numb medicine drops will be given to your eyes. The femtosecond laser is especially used to cut a small lens-shaped disc on the corner of your eye. With the help of a small incision, the disc will be extracted and the incision will be off 2 to 3 millimeters wide. This incision will also be created by the femtosecond laser. By doing this procedure your cornea will change its shape and will reverse the refractive errors of your eyes.

Side effects that you may get

Mainly this kind of surgery will be done under local anesthesia that will numb your eyes. When that medicine gets inside your eyes you will get a little discomfort. You may get tearing and redness which is common in other cases you may even get a little pain-like sensation that will last about 6 to 12 hours.

While performing the surgery the result should not come as like overcorrection or under-correction in case it happens like that then you will have to continue wearing the glasses or contact lenses. To avoid all of these things the eye foundation has been raised with proper technological instruments that will support the vision of the patients. By getting SMILE surgery from top SMILE surgery specialty hospital you can ensure your safety.

Who can take the SMILE surgery?

  • People who are above the age of 22 can undergo this kind of surgery
  • You should have a stable vision and your prescription based on ice should not change in the past year.
  • Your eyes and the corneas have to be healthy
  • The point of your myopia should be between minus one and minus 10
  • Astigmatism should be lesser than three diopters
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