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How do get remove specs/contact lenses?

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Wearing specs throughout life will be irritating and you don't feel much confident with them this is why the majority of them looking for an option to get rid of wearing spectacles. It is true and it is fact that not everyone is being blessed with perfect eye vision but even though we have been blessed with it we are ruining it through our activities like overexposure to bright screens like handheld smartphones, iPad, televisions, etc.

Once you have got powers in your eyes then you have to think about those ways how you can get rid of them instead of worrying about them or regretting your past is waste of time. Still, if you don’t know where and how you can put the end card to your worry, we have summed up the relevant information check it out! and pick the way! you going to follow to take off your spectacles.


When your eyes are being exposed to digital screens continuously then there are many chances for your vision to get degraded. If you have got that kind of problem and you are reaching out to the are you specialist then they will ask you to perform some kind of exercises that will keep your eyes in a relaxed state.

Exercises, the eye as well as physical exercises will improve the blood flow to the visual system which enhances your vision. Eye exercises have a good effect than others you could get to know those exercises you could follow up on daily basis to improve vision and to reduce the dependency on the specs.

Take a break- You will always have to take a break in between a session of having a look at the digital screen all the day

Eye rolling- To improve the health of your eyes and strengthen the muscles that are present around your eyes you will have to do eye-rolling exercises in both directions clockwise and anticlockwise

Eye relaxation- You have to place your palm on your eyes and your fingers on the forehead then you have to blink continuously and make sure that your eyes are not stressed. By doing this for fewer minutes in slow motion you could experience the feel of your eyes getting relaxed.

Warmness to eyes- If you think that you have given enough stress to your eyes then you will have to warm your palm by continuously rubbing them and you will have to place your palm directly to your eyelids so that you will be able to get some kind of relief.

By carrying forward all those exercises continuously by removing the spectacles it could improve the blood circulation of the eye that will help you in getting better vision but remember it will not help you in removing specs permanently.

Permanent solution for your specs-free life

If your spectacle life is driving you crazy let us bring it to end by updating you with quite amazing advanced ophthalmic laser surgeries like LASIK, SMILE, and Contoura. These surgeries are cool because they are not going to consume more time of yours for both operation and recovery and also give you a permanent solution. Bach of these surgeries owns their own characteristics according to your eye needs and eligibility. The best ophthalmologist will suggest the best eye care super specialty hospital in Banglore in the market for the best treatment. For more detail dig off the below content,


During Lasik surgery at best eye hospital Banglore the surgeon used to create a corneal flap in the inner layer of the cornea using a microkeratome the excimer laser, and the corneal tissues will be restricted (reshaped) to refocus the eye and the flap is repositioned. The Lasik could be the best option which comes with a smooth and pain-free procedure hardly it will take only 20-25 minutes yours also gives you a quick recovery without affecting your normal activities. The success rate of LASIK is about 99% so you could trust and make your vision better with zero post-surgery problems from the best eye hospital in Banglore before deciding on your own take a single consultation from the expertized LASIK surgery specialists.


The SMILE laser surgery will handle the corneal curvature of the eye so that people who got rejected in LASIK surgery can also become eligible for getting it. This will bring your refraction to the normal state and will provide you with a sharp vision again. By getting them you can throw off your specs or contact lenses and have clear vision. This is a new type of treatment that is approved mainly for myopia correction. Get it from the best eye hospital in Banglore for personalized care.

The people who have undergone smile surgery have achieved a visual acuity of 20/40 without making use of glasses or contact lenses. About 88% that is seven out of eight have achieved 20 out of 20 visions without contact lenses and glasses when it gets it from an extremely equipped eye care hospital.

Contoura LASIK

Contoura LASIK is considered to be the most advanced laser surgery among others which could create your eye map of 22,000 points with its help of it an ophthalmologist could work on a minute part of the eye to help you with vision correction. It is highly preferred for its accuracy and the imaging device of Contoura captures highly précised techniques. The success rate of contoura is about 96.5% with 20/25 vision or much better. If you prefer it takes the two-minute online booking process from the best eye hospital in Banglore get it and pick the right decision.

Why The Eye Foundation?

The Eye Foundation is one of the pioneered eye care providers and has treated over 2.5 million eyes successfully in a wide array of eye issues. We have built-in world-class advanced ophthalmic equipment through which we ensure your vision. Trust us! Our expertized laser surgery specialists could help you in removing your spectacles permanently. 

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