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How hot summer can influence your eyes?

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Summer has arrived the scorching sun going to make you tired in many forms, as we all heard you have to take care of your health, especially in summer, and should drink plenty amount of water to maintain the condition of your body. Even though we know about it still we are not going to follow it strictly until experience heat stroke, remember eye is also part of your physical health for which you have to provide attention during summer similar to rest.

The eye is the most vulnerable part of your body even the outer condition and heat going to influence the vision of an individual. To avoid the adverse effect of heat on your eye health you have to know how to take care of them, to help you out summer eye health tips are provided take the time to read and ensure good vision.

Goggles/ sunglasses

Sunglasses or goggles are not just a fashion statement they assist you in filtering the UV rays that are exposed from the sun. During summer the heat will be very high so protecting your eyes from direct UV exposure is vital wearing them you could also put your eyes in shade. That doesn’t mean only costly sunglasses could offer your UV protection even cheap sunglasses can also give you adequate protection so better to wear them when you are to be out.


Sunglasses are one of the options to keep your eye out of direct contact with the UV rays if possible try to wear a hat or cap which could give a bigger shade that not only prevents your face from getting sun tan it also protects your eyes effectively.

Keep hydrated

Water is nature’s gift, when you are taking enough water intakes your body could stay active. Water is considered to be the essential fluid of the body which is used for metabolic activities and others due to this continuous supply of water between particular intervals will rejuvenate your body. When you are not taking enough water it makes your body dehydrate as a result of it your eye health going to be get influenced for example there is a higher chance of getting dry eye problems.


It is very common to wear sunscreen lotion to avoid getting sun tans on the face and body but while applying them on the face be more cautious about it because sunscreen contact with the eyes will bring eye irritation or a burning sensation.

Take high-water-content fruits

As for taking vegetables it is very necessary to consume one fruit at a day, especially during the summer season it is highly recommended to consume the water content rich fruits like watermelon,

muskmelon, lemon juice, coconut water, and others. All of these will assist your body in keeping hydrated at the same time rejuvenate new cell formation.

How heat of summer affect your eyes?

Generally, summer is pronounced as a hot season because the heat is very high during this season in recent years it is too hot than no before there may be so many reasons for it like global warming and others. When it is there you have to be the one who should take care of yourself no one can do anything about your health, especially eye health.

During the mid of April and May you can find small bumps over the eyes of certain people it is because of the heat and allergies relevant to the eyes. After thing has arisen taking care of them is okay but still be proactive so that you won’t suffer a lot.

In case, if you are experiencing any kind of irritation or redness for more than a day then it is advisable to check with an ophthalmologist because conjunctivitis is going to be very high during the summer season.

Not only might eye allergies, but some progressive eye diseases also affect you like cataracts and retinal damage. Getting eye diseases because of health reasons or injury is a considerable thing but just not taking care of your eyes during summer is not an okay thing.

Eye conditions you are prone to during hot summer!

Below are some of the common eye condition people going to suffer with,


Dry eyes

The tear of the eye helps you in getting rid of the dirt, microbes, and other debris from the eyes and they also perform the most important function called lubrication. But when it is failed to do so your eye gets dried and that brings you the teary, gritty, or burning sensation.

Sometimes, dry eyes start to secrete more tears this is called reflex tearing, your brain will receive the signal to produce the tears as your eyes get dried, and as a reflection large quantity of tears will be produced. But these tears are just water they couldn’t perform like normal tears could do because tears are a package of materials. Prevalence of dry eyes ranges between 5-50%, with about 70% of an adult getting it after 40 and kids between 7-12 years 6%. Treating dry eyes is highly vital so prefer the best eye hospital in Kochi to avoid turning it into a serious eye condition.


When your eye gets into contact with allergens there your eyes might get redness and a gritty feeling. The common reason for allergic reactions is antigen and antibody interaction in the body if it is getting rid of itself within fewer minutes that’s okay. But when the same symptoms are retained for a day it might require the doctor’s attention from best eye hospital in Salem to find whether it is something serious to be get treated to safeguard your vision.


Conjunctivitis is a kind of eye infection that arises in the conjunctiva part which is the white layer of your eye. When the infection arises it turns pink color thus it is said to be an pink eye infection. This conjunctivitis not going to bring up serious eye problems until you are caring for it that is when the infection arises it should be shown to an ophthalmologist from best eye hospital in Madurai who could make the identification on type of conjunctiva infection you have got this will help your eye in getting over them.

Stye & chalazions

The stye and chalazion are a condition that forms a red bump near to eyelids this could be either outside or inside the eyelid. It looks like a normal acne pimple and it will be more painful even if some people feel difficult to do normal activities like reading, using bright screens, etc. In medical terms, a stye is called a hordeolum.

When to meet an ophthalmologist?

If you are feeling disturbances in your vision or some symptoms and signs are showing up for the long term then you have to meet up ophthalmologist from the best eye hospital in Banglore. Avoiding the symptoms and regretting it later do nothing so act prior and safeguard your vision.

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