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In this day and age, cataract surgery is a very simple procedure that is almost always safe, as long as your health is fit and you do not suffer from any other major eye problems.

Interestingly, the chances of your vision to be better and be sharper are extremely high. Usually, cataract surgery takes less than 10 minutes. It is painless.

You will be able to leave home immediately after. Ask your doctor about the protective cover over your eyes on whether you are allowed to remove them and the duration for which you will need to wear them especially during your naps and during the night.

Stipulated recovery time for cataract:

Your vision is bound to be cloudy for an hour or so until you are accustomed to the intraocular lens replaced in over your natural eye lens. Some also report having wavy or distorted vision during the recovery time.

You may have red eyes due to the damaged blood vessels but your eyes return to normal white in a few days after the surgery. Many can see clearly within hours but some take a few days and others up to a week to see depending upon their health and healing conditions.

Usually, there is a follow-up visit the next day to ensure there are no complications. If you feel the blurriness has not improved or you feel discomfort make sure to let your surgeon know. Few report scratchy eye after the cataract but as and when the eye heals this should subside and you will be back to normal.

Your eye and vision will fully recover within one month of the cataract surgery.

Complications are very rare.

Cataract surgery is one of the safest and simplest procedures and most have recovered completely within a few weeks and have reported excellent vision without any after surgery complications. Still, it is always best to discuss with your doctor if you experience any discomfort post-surgery to ensure that everything is fine.

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