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How To Remove Specs permanently

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Is wearing spectacles a fashion?

Yes and No.

We people are very much interested in wearing the spectacles at the time of travelling to the tourist destinations. Sunglasses and coolers increase our appeal thus we register our strong presence in the crowd. But do you think eyeglasses gives you the same outfit?

Probably NO! Some of you may disagree with this statement.

The utter truth depends on the type of frame you are wearing. To some extent, you lose your temper and you started wondering about removing the spectacles permanently. There is no time been mentioned to follow the remedies in eliminating the specs.

Once you identified that you are suffering from eye problems, do not wait for the illnesses to spread further. Act immediately and leave no chance for wearing eyeglasses. People wear glasses due to their ignorance at the early stage and many due to hereditary problems.

Though modern spectacles and contact lenses are readily available, they can not completely fulfil people’s expectations. The effectiveness of the remedies greatly depends on the eye condition.Study shows that spectacles can be removed completely and the eye strength is boosted for people who experience eye problems for the first time.

Yes! The reason is due to the continuous starring of the digital screens. Early prevention and medication help you save your eyesight.

Carrot Juice

Carrot is the favourite vegetable of many people. You can taste the real sweetness of the carrot when it is consumed “Raw”. Drinking the carrot juice once a day helps you get more strength to your eye. The juice is high in Vitamin A which favours the best booster for your stronger eyes. Carrots are the most commonly recommended vegetables for good eyesight. Carrots can be consumed in both juices and a solid form.

Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy are the superfoods to enrich your eyesight. Greeny vegetables are rich in Vitamin A, C and K that giving more strength to your eyes. The green leafy vegetables like Spinach, Broccoli, etc. These vegetables are consumed as Soup and as a vegetable. Ensure you have a proper boiling of the greeny vegetables. When consumed raw, you may suffer from digestion illnesses. We recommend you to consume these vegetables twice per week that too in the sunlight time.

Walking Barefoot on the Grass

Walking barefoot on the grass increases your eyesight strength. You may not believe it. I too did the same. I tried out to walk barefoot to experience the improvements in my eyesight. This kind of eye exercise shows excellent results after continuous walking. Your feet are the endpoint of the nerves that comes from the eyes. When you walk barefoot, the high pressure is loaded on the feet fingers and thus it generates more energy for your eyes. Barefoot walking helps you improvise reflexology. This exercise increases the blood flow in your eye nerves thus making the eyes have higher strength. We greatly recommend you to do this exercise as you get good eye health and body health.

Eye Exercise

Eye exercise has shown great results compared to other practices. Eye gymnasiums are becoming popular and many ophthalmologists recommend this to their patients. This eye exercise does not need any special equipment to practice. People are being educated by their known networks about this popular remedy. Compared to other methods, this eye exercise has high awareness in the minds of the common people. The eye exercises can be performed thrice a day and you can experience the benefits after the continuous follow-ups.

The interrupted blood flow in the eye nerves is one of the reasons for poor eye health. These exercises increase the blood flow due to the different eyeball movements. The eye massage and different eyesight focus make the eyes stay active all time. This exercise helps you to sight the object with both eyes. The central vision is increased by this eye therapy. You can improvise the coordination of both eyes in sighting the standstill and moving objects. The eye exercise helps you to sight the objects that are positioned at different angles without rotating your head. We strongly recommend you add this eye exercise to your daily life to protect your eyes from spectacles.


Due to high complications, the natural remedies do not work out to give improvements in eye vision. People suffering from eye problems often choose contact lenses and spectacles. Laser eye treatment is the only available option to remove the spectacles. Lasik eye surgeries are the advanced eye procedures practised in every eye healthcare institution and hospital. More than the regular eye examinations and continuous usage of spectacles/contact lenses do not improvise eyesight. Lasik corrects the eyesight and it greatly shows promising results. Nowadays many started to opt-in for LASIK eye surgeries as it helps them to get rid of the spectacles permanently. We suggest you choose the Lasik over contact lenses and spectacles. Lasik eye surgeries give you crystal clear detail and it eliminates the need for spectacles completely.

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