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Know more about Lasik eye surgery

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Everyone knows that refractive error has become a common eye condition. Almost 3.5% of people are leading their life with the condition called refractive error. Being worried about it or staying out of the crowd and stages is not going to solve anything instead start facing it and accepting it that changes the way you are looking at them.

Nowadays, with the ophthalmic advances you should not quit yourself, instead think about the way to overcome refractive error. The best and most preferred ophthalmic technique for it is modern laser surgeries like Lasik, Smile, and Contoura. All three of these surgeries can help you in over-facing the refractive error but each of them differs in their eligibility factors which you have to have in your mind. By approaching the best eye hospital in Coimbatore you could get the right guidance in getting laser surgeries.

There are certain questions revolving around the internet about Lasik surgery to make people clear about it the below content is discussed. But to understand it, one should know what Lasik surgery is so first grasp basic knowledge about it.

Can pregnant women get Lasik surgery?

Generally, laser surgery doesn’t affect fetus growth and has no other impacts but the pills that the pregnant mother takes before and after the surgery are going to show various impacts on the growth of the fetus. This is the reason why doctors don’t recommend any kind of surgery during pregnancy.

When you are thinking about getting Lasik surgery you can check with the best Lasik treatment in Banglore where you could get the best eye treatment. The most important criterion about Lasik pregnancy is the safety of both mother and child even though the opinion of ophthalmologists varies regarding Lasik the final result will always depend on your eye examination.

Individuals with diabetes are eligible to get Lasik surgery?

In the previous years, Lasik was not recommendable for diabetic patients but now it is approached under certain limitations. Because diabetes mellitus is a type of condition that influences the sugar level in the blood that is also going to reach the visual system thus in most cases Lasik is not admirable.

After proper evaluation by an ophthalmologist regarding diabetes status, eye condition, and previous eye histories like eye infections and surgery. Lasik surgeon going to give you results on getting Lasik surgery to correct an individual’s refractive error. In case, an individual is suffering from hyperglycemia he is not at all taken under laser surgery and also they will be advised to have a proper eye examination to diagnose the development of diabetic retinopathy in its earlier stage.

 Why are kids exempted from getting Lasik?

This could be one of the most common questions raised by general people, of course, yes kids are not allowed to get Lasik surgery at their young stage. Because kids are going to have a developing visual system, when we operate inside their eyes then it is going to affect their development and another reason is in some cases the condition will be reversed. So to avoid the complications in visual system growth kids are not eligible for Lasik.

Lasik can solve both near and long-sightedness.

The answer is yes, Lasik surgery is capable of correcting both myopia and hyperopia along with astigmatism which is another condition where the imperfection curvature of the eye. Even though it could correct all three of them, individual eligibility criteria are going to decide whether they are going to get it or not.

Why The Eye Foundation for Lasik?

The Eye Foundation is the best super specialty eye hospital in the South for over 35+ years and is also honored as the best Lasik treatment provider with 15+ branches in the three states Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Karnataka. Our Lasik surgeon specialists underwent more than 150,000 Lasik procedures successfully, trust us in reshaping your corneal power. Take 2 minutes to get your easy online booking with the required information.

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