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Treat Computer Vision Syndrome from expert hands

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Overcome Computer Vision Syndrome with Specialist from The Eye Foundation

The evolving technology becomes a vital thing in human life and most of them are looking at the computer screen all day because it becomes their profession. Not only IT professionals for various purposes everyone is spending some time in front of these screens, of course, these evolutions are good one but still when you are not using it in a right way it going to affect your eye and health very badly. While you are in front of the computer screen your posture is very much important which decides how hardly your eyeballs going to be get affected. This becomes the reason for most people getting Computer Vision Syndrome according to the survey about 60-90% of people using a computer for various reasons have this syndrome. So, when you are facing any difficulties with your eyes and using a computer for a long time there it is advisable to check with the best ophthalmology service care provider who could help you in-depth.

The connection between computer and eyes

When you are looking for the answer to the connection between computer and eyes here it is, while you are using the computer your eyes will focus and refocus continuously like you are typing something on your computer by looking at the paper there your eyes will be used to go up and down and when you are checking about something you blink lesser than normal that makes your eyes dry and causes blurry vision for few minutes in between continuous work. These things are common computer vision syndrome is another repetitive syndrome that is the injury will be cussed by repeating the same thing for a longer period. To transfer all the inputs, you see through your eyes requires more effort from eye muscles when there is a problem with these muscles you cannot focus on anything around you. There is no age prevalence people who are all using it beyond the limit and who use it with shorter distances are highly prone to get this even the kids who used to use tablets and mobile phones may also get them.

What makes the condition worse?

  1. When your eyes are already under pressure the screen glare and brightness will add additional pressure to them which makes the condition even worse.
  2. If you are having eye issues already it going to get worse like if you are wearing the specs or contact lenses because of having a refractive error.
  3. If you are using the wrong prescription that is more or fewer power specs and contact lenses.
  4. Age also be considered an important factor because as your age increases your eye muscle will get weak and at above 40 focusing on far and near objects become difficult this condition is said to as presbyopia.

Symptoms of common vision syndrome

If you are a person who sits in front of the computer for more than 2 hours that strains your eye to focus for fir longer term this becomes the reason for getting computer vision syndrome and people with CVS experience the following symptoms,

  1. Headache
  2. Blurry vision
  3. Double vision
  4. Eye irritation
  5. Neck and back pain
  6. Eye tearing and redness
  7. Eye irritation

Most of these symptoms will get resolved after some time if you have reduced the usage of a computer or digital screens it will go off. But at the same time, the severity of the problem decides the symptoms you going to get. It includes,

  1. How long have you been using the computer?
  2. Eye-related issues you have in previous years
  3. Other factors that cause digital screen focusing

Even though computer vision syndrome is not a permanent vision threatening issue the painful symptoms will not allow you to concentrate on your work and that reduces your overall performance both at work as well as at home.

When you are experiencing any of the above symptoms it is better to consult with the ophthalmologist from a top eye care specialty hospital so that you can diagnose the issue when they are in until stage and prevent your eye from getting damaged further.

Diagnosis of computer vision syndrome

Computer vision syndrome could be diagnosed by a highly trained ophthalmologist with the help of your previous health history and the disease you having currently. Because most of the time the medication and treatment you are taking for others will lead to severe eye problems so confirming it becomes vital anyhow and this is going to the first diagnostic level from your ophthalmologist. Another diagnostic test includes,

  1. Your doctor will check for the sharpness of your vision and how your both eyes work together.
  2. Other tests may include the dilation of your pupil because that expands them and helps the ophthalmologist to study your eye. For this procedure, they make use of an ophthalmoscope which assists them in focusing the backside of your eyes.

How the digital or computer vision syndrome could be treated?

If the computer is your work or there is a compulsion to focus on a digital screen that is okay but you should find ways to keep your eyes out of the issue. But still, after having the computer vision syndrome by following up on the below ways you could treat them,

  1. Every two hours once after using the computer try to rest your eyes for 15 minutes that doesn’t mean you can focus on your mobile screen just rest your eyes by closing them for a while.
  2. Every 20 minutes once just try to focus on far distance objects it should far at least 20 feet for 20 seconds which helps them in reducing their internal pressure.
  3. While using the digital screen ensure they display with large fonts because when the font size is too small your eyes will put more pressure to perceive the information that it holds to convey to your Brian which is not a good one for your vision.
  4. Try to sit in a place where there is minimal glare if you are sitting in a room full of windows your screen will be reflecting with glare in between it your eyes try to focus on it to get the information.
  5. You can find screen glare filters these days you can prefer them to reduce eye pressure.
  6. Positioning of your computer also plays a vital role, place them in the center of about 4-5 inches from your eye. Also, place the computer far from you with a distance covering 20-30 inches from you that is arm's length.
  7. People usually forget to blink while they are focusing on to screen and try not to do.

The ophthalmologist also recommends some of the followings things that are to reduce the strain other factors could cause,

  1. Lubricating eyedrops
  2. Ask you to create a humid working space
  3. Treat allergies to make the further complications
  4. Ask you to hydrate more frequently
  5. Prescribe a few medications to increase year production

Can I take computer eyeglasses?

As the majority of them thinking not those safety glasses on the market are prescribed or safer ones that can protect your vision from computer vision syndrome. The lenses in the computer glasses come with special qualities so you can check about it with the ophthalmologist from the best eye care provider in the city because they hold the expertized ophthalmologist to assist the patient and also comes with in-house specs stop with a highly qualified optometrist. When everything comes under one roof the stress for you on searching for the best becomes an easier task and also able to get very good treatment.

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