Eye Foundation Patient Experiences

Patient Experience

Impression : I was down from the US and looking to get LASIK done. Its not the easiest thing to find a combination of the right hospital and a highly experienced LASIK surgeon.
It also seems too commercial in India and moreover I wanted some sort of a counselling session where the surgeon would answer all my concerns and questions. I had spent quite some time researching about LASIK, the different types and also looking at the technology used in the US for comparison to what’s being done in India. I have to say I settled on the Eye Foundation for this surgery even though they have been in Bangalore for just 3 months, here are a few reasons why – I sent the initial email and on the very same day I received a nice document giving me all the initial info I needed to know about this surgery, seemed quite professional, must say I was pretty impressed. – All the hospital staff seemed very nice and knowledgeable.
Dr. Sean clearly explained to me the entire process and what all goes into the surgery, also patiently answered all my questions. – Since this was about my eyes I decided on the LASIK femtosecond blade free surgery. On the day of the surgery Dr. Sean also explained everything that would be happening during the surgery, the pre and post care was top notch. – Have to say I am very happy with the results, I am glad I decided to do this and picked the Eye Foundation, it’s all the magical work of Dr. Sean Da Silva and Dr. Chitra Ramamurthy. The entire hospital staff too did a fantastic job..! So if you are ever thinking about doing this, I would suggest trying the Eye Foundation. Nothing like waking up in the morning to a clear vision.

Name: Mr. Nevin Gonsalves

City: Bangalore

Treatment: Bladeless Femto Lasik

Email: Nevin247@gmail.com