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Patient Experience

Impression : This is Kamala Priya Gnanasivam, daughter of Dr. G. A. Nagarajan. I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks and gratitude towards the excellent service and treatment provided by Dr. Ravi and The Eye Foundation team on Nov 19, 2015. I got my cataract at the age of 40 years with no history of wearing lens, glasses or diabetes. Initially I was so worried and spoke to Dr. Ravi; he comforted me and provided guidance regarding cataract procedure. I had my left eye operated in USA. I planned for my India trip in Nov and contacted Dr. Ravi to get right eye procedure done in India. From the beginning, he provided me with all the essential details regarding the procedure. Surgery got carried out very comfortably and recovery follow-up by Dr. Ravi and his team was excellent. Now I am back in USA and continuing on my eye drops. Vision is clear, and I am thankful to Dr. Ravi and The Eye Foundation team.

Name: Mrs. Kamala Priya Gnanasivam

Country: USA

Treatment: Cataract

Occupation : Senior Scientist

Email: priya_gnans@hotmail.com