Eye Foundation Patient Experiences

Patient Experience

Impression : I would like to thank Dr. Sean Da Silva, and other staff at Eye Foundation, Bellandur, Bengaluru for helping me with the cataract surgery. Dr. Sean Da Silva is very sincere and an experienced professional and I am very grateful to him for performing the laser cataract surgery without any issues and helping me with post cataract conditions. He values patient concerns and spend time towards explaining the details of surgery and takes care of any concerns that arise. I would strongly recommend Dr. Sean Da Silva for cataract surgery or any other eye problems at Eye Foundation.

Name: Mr. Rajappa Papannareddy, Ph.D.

City: Bangalore

Treatment: Laser Refractive Cataract Surgery

Occupation: Prof. Emeritus of Electrical Engineering, Purdue University, USA.

Date: 09/10/2017