Eye Foundation Patient Experiences

Patient Experience

It is a Devine etimology, the term derived to form (an eye) hospital that should have been originated from Eye Foundation, RS Puram shouldered by the hospitality of Dr. Shreyas Ramamurthy, Sujatha and Mohanapriya committed to make the blind see the colours of the creation of the God himself. Should they be calling the angels obeying nobleness of God himself? Will not these mere words of recognition enable them more courage to sacrifice themselves to the human race see more wonders to come? May God bless them and fraternity of eye foundation through them? Since, my father, a great poet, who is in receipt of Tamil Nadu literature award renewed his eye sight through an operation carried shared his soulful words too. What more great joy a son can give a father more than a good eye sight? This shares another testimony amongst the human race itself. Cudos eye foundation, cudos to the above team.

Name: Selvan KN

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