Eye Foundation Patient Experiences

Patient Experience

My mom’s one eye’s cataract surgery was due to be done…We went to this hospital, met Dr. Girish Reddy..We were convinced that he was a proficient and confident doctor in his field…And he is..He operated and performed the surgery with an utmost ease, he knows his job very well. My mom had a fast recovery and she is totally fine, happy and satisfied with the results…In a small town like Ooty, if we have such experienced doctors, then it becomes a blessing for us as we don’t need to go to Coimbatore for such operations. Specially during this Covid times, the hospital, Dr. Reddy and all other staff were really helping, courteous and polite. They took a proper care of good hygiene, social distancing, sanitation and safety which was much needed during this time. Not to miss Dr. Mugda, my friend who is always there to support and help you in case of any doubts..She is a good moral support too…God bless the entire team.. Keep up the good work.

Name: Sheetal Gupta

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