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Patient Experience

I remember I was in 5th grade, when my mom had a check up in 2005 and it was the time she was about to switch from contact lens to undergo lasik treatment named Zyoptix. Those times we were unsure of the results so my mom decided to undergo treatment for one eye. Dr.Chithra Ramamurthy done the procedure and soon after following for the second eye. It was the time in her teaching carrier to have best vision. Years pass by, 2010 this time my sister pursuing 2nd year college had to undergo Intralase procedure. She too was treated by Dr.Chithra. I am at 8th grade and I too diagnosed with short sight and glasses were on for me. Years pass 2014 my mom had cataract and is been treated at Eye foundation Again by 2016 this time my dad for cataract within span days 1 months both eyes done. Finally after Covid. 2021 Dec, this time it is me, had my Smile procedure that went smooth than I anticipated. Procedure is done by Dr. Chithra. Each one in my family got treatment at exactly 5 years interval..! Great level of service and treatment..!!! Great to see Dr.Shreyas filling the boots.,

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Name: Shivaram Krishnan