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While playing badminton in August 2020, I got hit on the eye with the shuttle. It was a powerful hit and I immediately knew that there was going to be some damage. Went to emergency at a nearby hospital and they an they asked me to consult a eye surgeon next day. The diagnosis was that there is some damage to the eye lens and I was provided with medication and advised rest. Over the next couple of weeks the eye healed and resumed my normal activities and slowly started playing badminton again. Over the next couple of months I started feeling that my eyesight was affected and I could not sight the shuttles properly while playing. On consulting the doctor again in November 2020, I was diagnosed with Traumatic cataract with Inferior Zonular Dialysis and suggested scleral fixated IOL surgery. This when I consulted Dr. Ashraya Nayak, vitreo retinal surgeon at The Eye Foundation, Coimbatore who is an expert in scleral fixated IOL surgery. He then suggested to undergo IOL surgery with CTR with Dr.Shreesh Kumar and in case of any inadequate capsular support , he said a scleral fixated IOL surgery will be done. Thanks to the expertise of Dr.Shreesh Kumar who successfully managed to implant the IOL in the bag with the help of CTR After the successful operation on 14th December 2020 and recuperation of 10 weeks, I was feeling absolutely fine with my eye sight. I resumed my badminton and subsequently started playing and winning tournaments again. At the Indian team selection trials held in September 2021 at Goa I have been selected to represent India at the BWF World Seniors Championships to be held in Huelva, Spain from November 28th. I am very greatful to Dr. Ashraya Nayaka and Dr. Shreesh Kumar of The Eye Foundation for their expertise and advice in helping me get my sight back and help me to resume my badminton career.

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Name: Sunil Pai

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