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Practice taking care of your eyes daily

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Are you taking care of your eyes? The eyes are a basic part of each individual’s life they are a highly sensitive part of the human body. Through this one could ensure their independent life and be able to enjoy the fun around them with their perfect vision. If it is this important in one’s life taking care of them is highly essential but when you haven’t done it then it could be the worst thing that you are doing to yourself.

Taking care of your eyes or vision is not a difficult thing just like your daily routines you can do them by spending a few minutes. The only thing is you should know what you have to do to ensure your vision's goodness so that the task of taking care of your eyes becomes much easier. 


Keep hydrated

The most essential part of taking care of your eyes is to drink a lot of water and consume water-content-rich fruits this could help you in maintaining moisture content in your body which could help your visual system. Not only for the eyes keeping the body hydrated is very much essential to maintain your overall health when there is a water imbalance it could be reflected in so many health conditions to avoid it drink a lot of water, especially during this summer season. 

Frequent hand washing

Not only kids everyone has a habit of touching their eyes and nose frequently but to mention it touching eyes or nose is not a good thing because your hands going to contain thousands to millions of microbial organism so when you are touching your eyes with this pathogenic organism that going to influence your eyes and going to get you an infection which going to put you in trouble for next few days or few months. To avoid such opportunistic infections better try to avoid touching your eyes and have a habit of frequent hand washing eliminates the microbial population in your hands.

Protection from sun

Sunlight is being there most needed resource for living organisms but you have to remember that sunlight also going to contain UV rays. The overexposure of skin or eyes to UV rays going to affect your skin as well as your eyes especially when you talk about eye exposure to sunlight it also damages the internal vital cells of the eyes that are needed for a good decision and in rare cases also bring about serious eye diseases like cataracts and glaucoma. To avoid it the simple thing you have to do is try to give shade to your eyes by wearing sunglasses or by wearing caps.


Quit smoking

Smoking can be commonly noticed among people from all age categories, according to the report 22.3% of the world population is smoking. While you are smoking not only you, people around you going to get affected more intensively. The nicotine and tobacco level in your body going to influence your blood circulation which also influences eye health and cause diseases like cataract,glaucoma, and others.

Digital screen exposure

This generation is highly addicted to digital screens for some it may be work but the remaining population is using them for entertainment purposes. According to the surgery, roughly about 6.65 billion people’s are using smartphones in upcoming years the rate going to get double. Whatever you do with your smartphone going to have a greater impact on your eyes, so try to minimize smartphone or digital screen usage to avoid get developing problems like lazy eye, eye fatigue, dark circles, and other serious eye conditions like glaucoma, cataract, and others. 

Why The Eye Foundation?

There are so many things that could influence your eye when you are getting irritated with any of the eye conditions there you have to undergo proper treatment to avoid pushing your vision under great threat. You can visit the best eye hospital in South India The Eye Foundation for better and world-class treatment. 

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