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Predominant age-related eye problem

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Are you getting old, you might get these eye problems- Get treated from The Eye Foundation

Are you getting old, have you got your eye check-up between proper intervals because you are on top priority list on who have to get the frequent eye check-up. Because as you are getting aged like your body your vision also gets detritus this is the reason why you have to be right time for getting your eye check-ups as much as you are being delay you are putting your vision into the threat, so never be late to secure your future vision. Here, we have discussed about some of the predominant eye problems aged people will face go through and book your appointment from best eye care provider in the South India for several decades.

Common eye issue in adults


The presbyopia could be the most common eye issue in adults, you can see the older people reading the books or papers at their arm’s length it is because they have a difficulty in near-by sight. As you are getting old your eyes will lose the ability to focus on near-by objects, in case if you have such difficulty you could improve it by wearing reading glasses or bifocal glasses after proper ophthalmologist consultation. The prevalence of presbyopia is about 55% after 40, it is 1.09 billion in world population.

Dry eyes

The dry eye is a condition which arises as your tear duct couldn’t secrete enough tears and in sometimes, dry eyes start to secrete more tears this is called reflex tearing, your brain will receive the signal to produce the tears as your eyes get dried, and as a reflection large quantity of tears will be produced. But these tears are just water they couldn’t perform like normal tears could do because tears are a package of materials. Prevalence of dry eyes ranges between 5-50%, with about 70% of an adult getting it after 40 and kids between 7-12 years 6%. Think about getting an ophthalmic consultation from the top eye care provider in the city.


Watery or teary eyes

This is the condition where your tear duct producing more tears than normal which makes your eyes sensitive to light, wind, temperature and other factors. You could comfort your eyes through wearing the sunglasses but remember sometimes it may be an indication for serious eye diseases so it is advisable to get proper ophthalmic check-ups. Even though it is not the age specific eye condition the adults over 60 is highly prone of getting them.

Common eye diseases in adults

Macular degeneration

The macula is the part of the lens which is responsible for facial recognition, color, and other detailed vision where millions of light sensitive nerve cells are present. When the macula get degenerate you couldn’t see the things clearly and slowly it leads to vision loss but not complete blind loss. Nowadays, the advancement in the field of ophthalmology there are certain treatments and surgeries to treat them but if it could identified in its initial stage it could be corrected easily by taking supporting food diet and other ways.

The risk factor of the macular degeneration increases with the age predominantly and other facts may include the family history and heart diseases. In a simple way, if you are at your 60 then know that 1 in 200 might get them, 30% over 70 age, 40% over 80 age, and 50% over 90. If you don’t want to be the one it is vital to get proper checks between each proper interval of time that ensures your eye sight is good and safe.

Diabetic retinopathy

Generally, when you see something the light of an object gets inside your eye and reaches the ready now the retina that converts the light into images that you see. In that case, when you get diabetic retinopathy the blood vessel of the retina will get damaged so the retina won’t receive enough blood this is how your vision gets into trouble. Sometimes it leads to swelling in blood vessels, bleeding and fluid leakage so it becomes an emergency to treat immediately. Diabetic retinopathy becomes the main cause of vision loss in diabetic patients. This disease is also said to be diabetic eye disease.

According to the survey, children and teenagers are rarely get affected to it but becomes common with the people with age of 40 to 60+ that nearly 9% of people in adulthood are getting affected with diabetic retinopathy. The study has revealed the diabetic retinopathy becomes leading cause of vision loss globally. To save your vision before it getting lost get your diabetic retinopathy eye examination from the best multi-specialty eye care hospital.



Glaucoma is an eye disease that ends up damaging your optic nerves and this happens by the accumulation of fluids in front of the eye. The accumulated fluid increases the pressure of the eye and that affects the optic nerves.

In general, your eyes will secrete a fluid called aqueous humor constantly, and when the new aqueous is formed, the fluid that is inside your eye will get drained off. This is the routine but when this fluid is not drained off completely that gets accumulated which creates pressure inside your eye that slowly damages your optic nerves without knowing. People with glaucoma usually have blurred vision and they could not able to differentiate the colors. Generally, people above 40 are prone to glaucoma but in rare cases, infantile glaucoma is also possible which comes between the ages of 1-24 months and cannot be cured but could be controlled. According to the study the global prevalence of glaucoma is 3.5% in the adults who are above 40-80.



Cataract is being one among the progressive eye disease when people getting it they have to be under proper treatment to safeguard their future vision. The cataract which makes the lens cloudy, usually you could see the visuals by the light beam that reaching the retina and converting it into the image format what we see. But when the lens get cloudy the light beam that comes from outside couldn’t penetrate inside the lens so that the retina will not receive the light beam as a result you couldn’t see anything that your eye is focusing through.

Cataract is not the disease which arise as a single day the condition slowly going to develop in the initial stages you will be having a slight blurry vision if you have taken the consultation at this stage it will be easy to avoid the development of condition. The most prone people or age of getting cataract is above 40 but that doesn’t mean kids will not get even kid may have them at their birth. Comparatively adults above 40 are highly prone of getting them, prevalence of cataract in adult is about 5% in people at 40 to 49 and 71.9% in the people who are older than 80 but in kids it is only 2 to 4 individuals in per 10,000 people. It may be time for your ophthalmic check-ups from the best eye care provider in South India.

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