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With the most advanced technologies in LASIK Surgery, you can easily bid a big goodbye to your boring spectacles. This is a permanent solution for your eyes as Lasik is a refractive eye surgery which helps an individual to achieve a better vision. What are the vision problems that can be corrected by Lasik surgery? The following vision issues can be corrected by Lasik eye surgery are:
  • Hyperopia
  • Astigmatism
  • Myopia
How Lasik Eye Surgery is performed? A complete and comprehensive eye examination is done whether you require the right surgery or not. Post a complete eye exam consultation with the doctor who would perform the procedure examines every aspect of the patient’s eye health and carefully measures and scans the patient’s corneas which could take up to 90 minutes. Age and prescription stability are the two factors doctors consider when assessing LASIK candidacy. The age will be a big determining factor for qualifying to undergo LASIK eye treatment and the best age for LASIK is between 24 – 40 years old. The Pros of Lasik eye surgery
  • You may notice an immediate improvement in your vision after Lasik surgery,  Better visual acuity in 12 to 18 hours post-surgery.
  • Freedom from glasses permanently and contact lenses as it decreases oxygen delivery to the front surface of the cornea eye. Contact lenses can cause dry eyes, allergic reactions and infections.
  • LASIK decreases most patients' reliability on contact lenses, which means their eyes are more comfortable.
  • LASIK eye surgery at The Eye Foundation is at affordable cost, many patients realize that the money they spend on glasses or contacts ends up being more than the cost of LASIK Thus, it is less expensive in the long run than contacts or glasses.
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LASIK at The Eye Foundation Lasik surgery should be performed at The Eye Foundation as it is one of the most well-renowned super-speciality eye hospitals, and has conducted numerous successful Lasik surgeries with a comprehensive range of sophisticated technologies. The most important thing is to make sure you are qualified to undergo the Lasik surgery as some people may develop complications, not because of the surgery, but because they aren’t good candidates. It is always advisable to have a comprehensive eye examination for taking up Lasik treatment. Our doctors at The Eye Foundation who do your surgery will do a thorough eye exam beforehand, checking the shape of your cornea and looking for problems like dryness or other undiagnosed eye conditions. It’s time to bid a goodbye to your boring glasses or contact lenses with our advanced LASIK surgery.

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