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If you have been diagnosed with corneal disease, then your doctor will refer you to a cornea specialist. There are various eye hospitals in Tamil Nadu where you can get expert care from the hands of a trained cornea surgeon. It’s important that you do some due diligence to ensure that you are entrusting your vision to a reputable eye hospital that has the technology and the expertise required to treat your condition.
Accurate diagnosis is key to the successful treatment of the cornea. This is why some of the most reputable hospitals in Tamil Nadu that offer advanced cornea treatment have the instruments and medical devices necessary to perform investigations. These include dry eye workup for evaluating the cause and extent of the dry eye condition, as well as microbiology workup for identifying microbes in corneal infections. Hospitals offering advanced cornea treatment have access to corneal topography which offers an accurate corneal image for screening patients for keratoconus and LASIK. It includes pachymetric measurements of the thickness of the cornea. Additional technologies include an aberrometer for measuring the internal aberrations of the eye, specular microscopes for assessing the condition of the endothelium (inner layer of the cornea), and an ocular response analyzer for indirectly measuring the cornea’s strength and rigidity

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