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Smartphones influence your eyesight, really?

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Smartphones influence your eyesight, really?

We can see everyone staring at their handheld smart device called a smartphone, it may be android or iPhone but everyone has their own without a doubt. Before day people used to communicate with their neighbors and relatives but after these gadgets arrived no one has time for their surrounding people they have plenty of time to communicate with those who don’t know earlier.

To keep you entertained there are so many applications from music to the fashion world. These made people get addicted to this small device most of them cannot live without this everyone knows they could possibly bring up so many health issues still no one couldn’t resist it.

The eye could be the very first thing your super device going to affect at most, have you ever thought about it before!!!

Interaction between the smartest smartphone & your eye health

As technology evolves everything around you will get its upgradation like how the smartphone device becomes essential for human creatures. It is impossible to avoid them because it helps you in contacting someone, to handle quick work and others but here you have to think of your eyes. Even though you couldn’t resist it you can minimize the interaction with them because your eyes going to be the thing that focuses on the bright screen whenever you are seeing through it.

To make it sense and to help you in avoiding those problems which could arise because of the smartphone, here are the simple ways just follow the trick and safeguard your vision for the future.

Focus on screen brightness

Screen brightness always mattered, most people especially those above 40 used to having higher brightness which is not good for your eye health. When the screen brightness is high your eyes stress more to focus on things inside it so try to have minimum brightness to stress the eye.

Set to night mode

After a full day of work people especially youngsters make use of their smartphones during bedtime. Even though you cannot put them aside at least change it to night mode so that your phone automatically changes its brightness based on daylight.

In interest, don’t forget to blink

When you are interested in watching something on your smartphone obviously you forget to blink but it is not good for your eye health. So try not to forget blinking between every 2 minutes not only while using a smartphone but also using other bright screens like laptops and tablets. As much as you are blinking you could avoid your eyes getting dry.

Maintain screen distance

While using mobile phones try to keep some distance if you cannot then you going to be the only reason for ruining your eyesight. Most people have a habit of using them within a less distance try not to commit the one while your next use.

Probably what you end-up

If you are a person who always keeps your smartphone in front of your eyes this could be a piece of information which going to make you aware of why you should minimize their usage. Below are the conditions which arise due to the overexposure of smartphones to the eye.

Dry eyes

Generally, as you blink the eyes the tear inside the eye will get spread throughout it that is the front layer of the eye when your tear duct become weak or couldn’t produce them that leads to dry eye issues. The tear of the eye helps you in getting rid of the dirt, microbes, and other debris from the eyes and they also perform the most important function called lubrication. But when it is failed to do so your eye gets dried and that brings you the teary, gritty, or burning sensation. People who are using smart screens too much probably get dry eye issues when it is not provided with proper attention it could become a threat to your vision. (vapingzone.com) According to the survey about 5-50% is suffering from dry eyes issue due to the evolution of smart screens. If you feel irritation, gritty, or itching sensation better you could get your eye check-up from the best eye care super specialty hospital in the city.

Blurry vision

Generally, when you are staring at the same place for a longer time you could feel blurry vision this is common but overexposure to bright screens like computers and smartphones especially at a shorter distance will affect your eyesight. If the same is followed then you will end up with blurry vision if it continues without any diagnosis it could lead to refractive errors that are myopia or hyperopia so take an appointment with the best ophthalmologist belonging to the best eye care provider with enough facilities. The study revealed that 2 out of 3 people get blurry vision due to smart screens so be aware and keep your vision away from the threat.


Headache is a common symptom of stress, when you are carrying too much of stress inside your head or when you are using bright screens too much you will be experiencing headaches. In case, if you are experiencing it then it is advisable to take your ophthalmic consultation for diagnosing the eye issue in its earlier stage if it is there from the best eye hospital in the market.

Provide attention to the below symptoms,

Don’t get confused too much, if you are experiencing any of the below think it is time for your ophthalmic checks.

  1. Tears, if you are getting too much of tears staring at your phone or computer screen.
  2. Redness, if your eyes turning red on looking at the screen for a longer time.
  3. Gritty feel or irritation, if you are getting a feel of something is there inside your eyes after usage of brighter screens.

As the proverb, Too much of anything is good for nothing! Too much of a smartphone is not good for your eyes! So understand and minimize or try not to use smartphones under certain circumstances which will help your eyes from staying out of several eye issues. At the same time, if you face any difficulties it is good to visit us for comprehensive eye check-ups. The best super specialty eye hospitals like ours could help you in diagnosing and rectifying the issues at their initial stage.

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