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The Common Eye Problems You Must Be Aware Of in Monsoon Season

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Do you believe that eyes too have seasonal problems like Fever?

Yes, it’s true. 

The problems that you undergo in the eye changes its degree of sickness with the seasonal changes. Mostly the eye illnesses are contagious. The exclusion period of the infection depends on the individual health condition. Many incur some eye problems that infect for a while. 

The urgency of medication/treatment depends on the infection that makes people get more sick. Eye problems that occur due to seasonal changes do not impact in a long term. Thus, you shall reduce your hype and tension in curing your eye illness. 

In the monsoon season, most people get eye sickness due to dry eyes, pink eyes and stye. You may across those eye sickness terminologies in your daily routine from the infected. 

Many started to worry about the sickness as it may cost them some serious eye infection in the coming future. But the fact is “seasonal eye infections are contagious within a short time”.

Unless you have an eye illness history, keep your worries away. Generally, monsoon results as the reason for many diseases due to the climatic condition and humidity that accelerates the illness. When the temperature gets cooler, it makes the best way for high transmission of the diseases. 

Let’s jump to the context of the eye illness that you should be aware of and stay protected during the monsoon season. 

Pink Eye 

The illness term itself says about its infection that makes your eye ill. You may observe that your eye turns pink and making your daily routine disturbed. 

Pink eye, in other words, “conjunctivitis”. 

You may contract pink eye most probably during the winter season. The small thin layer inside your eye gets damaged and it makes them pink. Conjunctivitis infection is mainly caused due to the virus or bacteria that make your eye illness.

People often feel some foreign substance is present inside their eyes and they get irritated due to it. Many fear pink eye symptoms due to its infection appearance. 

The eye infection is highly contagious and there is nothing to get worried about the medication. You can confirm that you are affected by Pink Eye when your eye discharges more tears than usual.

Conjunctivitis make you feel like to get burning eyes and blurred visions due to the infection. Pink eyes in the newborn is a must concern as it ends up in permanent vision loss. 

Pink eye illnesses can be prevented by periodic eye cleaning/washing that makes your eye warm and hydrated. The eyewash accommodates the lost tears due to the infection. A warm pressing of your infected eye helps you to get quick healing from the sickness.

It is highly advised to avoid using contact lenses and eye cosmetics when you are infected. Do not rub the infected eye, as rubbing may increase the severity of the infection. 

The most contagious and curing time of the Pink Eyes is 4 to 7 days. 

Dry eyes

Dry eyes, a common eye illness that generally occurs in all seasons irrespective of the climatic condition. This type of illness is experienced by every individual due to their eye health.

Some think that dry eyes occur only during the summer and hot temperature seasons. But the fact is, dry eyes also occur in the winter and monsoon season. 

This is due to the cold temperature that wipes and freezes the warm watery in the eyes. The contract of dry eyes varies from person to person because of their health condition. It is highly possible for you to get affected by illness.

The dry eyes are mainly due to the reduction of the warm water in the eyes. The increase of the dryness in the eyes increases the inflammation. The rise of inflammation is due to the reduced eye watery that makes the eyes increase the strain of the eyeball movement. The blood circulation in the optic nerves gets rapidly raised and the inflammation in the eyes occurs. 

The frozen temperature makes eye movement harder as the watery is lost due to the climatic condition of the environment. Dry eyes speed up the infection in the eyes makes it uncomfortable throughout the day.

Many fear that the inflammation and irritation due to dry eyes may end up in future vision problems. 

Dry eye illnesses are highly contagious and it is cured using the appropriate medication and normal care that greatly helps in eradication the dry eyes complications. But sometimes, dry eyes is one of the symptoms of major eye problems. It is highly recommended to examine a complete eye test to ensure the reason for affection.


Dry eyes can be cured by washing your eyes regularly for every one hour to retain the warm water in the eyes.

Consume lots of watery fruits and vegetables that increase the eye watery. When in travel, protect your eyes from strong wind and cold winds by using glasses. Use a humidifier at your living place to eradicate the dryness. 


A stye, an eye illness that generally occurs mainly in women due to the usage of cosmetics in the rainy season.

The usage of cosmetics on the eyelids gets coagulated in the skin due to the rain and moisture. The cosmetic usage on the eyes should be properly wiped. 

The ignorance results in eye illnesses that make the victim suffer eye problems. The stye eye illnesses are highly contagious and the medications depend on the degree of infection.

People have stye sickness due to the excess usage of cosmetics and ignorance of the eyewash.

It is advised to take treatment and medication at the early stage of stye as there is a chance of serious infection when it is ignored. 

Preventive Measures

  • These common eye illnesses can be prevented by washing the eyes regularly.  This practice will keep the eye warm. 
  • The infected eye should not be disturbed and try to avoid rubbing the eyes. 
  • Make sure your hands are free of dust while touching the eyes. 
  • Use eye drops to get a complete cure for infections. 
  • Do not share your eye medication with others. 
  • Wear glasses while travelling in a cold temperature.  
  • Always clean your eyes after your travel. 
  • Never use the disposable lens beyond the prescribed usage period. 
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