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The ultimate glossary of food for eye

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Vision is generally said to be the way for your questions of life to have a good answer. The answer is that you can get for every action, choice, and the single thing that you do in life. You can create your vision statement while you see at something but to get that perfect vision you should have to take care of them so that you could ensure you can lead an independent lifestyle.  


Why is it important to have a vision?

With the help of vision, you will be able to take serious decisions in your life where the choice will be yours that is you need not depend on others in making your decision just because they are assisting in traveling around due to your imperfect vision.  

Having a goal and achieving something in life is a big deal you can make the dream come true only when you could take care of yourself or else before every decision making you have to take a lot of stress and confusion about whether to get through or should quit. So simply to become a boss for yourself then you will need to have a proper vision.

For this generation having a perfect vision is being greatest challenge about 2.2 million people are suffocating with either near or distant vision problems. The rate of vision impairment could be reduced by proper eye care, routine checkups, and a healthy diet.  

How healthy diet help you in having a better vision?

Leading disease-free life is almost a dream of everyone out here because whatever you eat is going to influence your health. Between the hurry-burry lifestyle, everyone wants to cook and eat something which could save them time but remember like a proverb says “only if there is a will there is a way” similarly only if you have a good vision you could achieve anything you want in your life.

Instead of junk, go for leafy greens, meat, and naturally available things which comes with enough protein, vitamin, minerals, and other essential nourishment that not only help you in having a good vision but also expands your life to lead a happy life. You can take suggestion for eye health food diet from ophthalmologist of best eye super specialty hospital in Kochi. To help you in concentrating or changing your food chart we have summed up some of the edibles which help you in improving and ensuring your vision.

Sunflower seeds

Usually, if you consume sunflower seeds you will be able to get a large amount of vitamin E every day. When you consume them this is going to give you proper nutrition and help you in slowing down age-related macular degeneration. It will also help you to stay away from cataracts.

Leafy greens

Consuming spinach and kales are very much rich in both vitamins E & C. This type of food source will have a lot of carotenoids, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and zeaxanthin. Most importantly it will reduce the risk of long-term eye disease that even includes cataracts. Dry eyes and refractive error are common eyes issues these nutrients could help them in enhancing vision. People consuming junk are not able to get this kind of important supplement that supports their eyesight.

Sweet potato

Consuming orange-colored fruits that include sweet potatoes, carrots, mangoes, and apricots are very much rich in beta-carotene. If you consume them at every particular interval then this will help with night vision and prevent night blindness which contains a lot of vitamin A. Your eyes will automatically adjust to the darkness.

Seafood & meat

Fishes are good in omega-3 fatty acids and meat are rich in protein, vitamin, and zinc by taking them you can delay age-related macular degeneration which is a common eye disease in the adult population. Oyster is rich in zinc content and if you consume them they could support your vision.


If you wanted to get into a low-fat content then you can jump into the legumes and beans which have a lot of fiber content which is the best option for you to keep your vision sharp mainly during your night.


Lutein content is rich in eggs which is a form of carotenoids that is vital for the macula and retinal part. It helps in blocking the harmful blue light which damages your retina. 


Generally, broccoli contains vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E. thus it is a good antioxidant source that will protect the eyes mainly the cells from free radicals. Broccoli needn't require so much time to cook you can just sautee them or eat them raw by putting them in salads.

What should be avoided?

Pre-packed foods including tomato sauce, soup, and canned products having heavy amount of sodium which ranges up to 75 percent more than the suggested amount, through stop consuming these kinds of things you can lower the chance of blood pressure it prevent intraocular pressure inside the eye. 

Pick the products that contain low sodium or no-salt-added product which is good for your eyes, if you need spice or salt then you can add natural flavors which bring the taste. 

Avoiding sugar drinks, alcohol, and caffeine will be helpful for you. Before you consume anything you need to check whether it will not cause any harm to your health not only to your eyes. A healthy diet can maintain your eye health and good eyesight. Omega three fatty acids, vitamin C and E, and lutein have the high ability to promote your eye health.

When to see an ophthalmologist?

Even though you are taking care of your eyes and you can see some unusual changes with your eyes then it could be time to meet up an ophthalmologist. Because sometimes your activities and age provoke sudden eye diseases or conditions so prefer the best eye hospital in the town to ensure your vision safety.

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