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What Are the Early Symptoms of Cataracts?

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Cataracts, the clouding of the eye's lens, are a common age-related condition. But what are the early warning signs before vision significantly worsens? Many don't notice subtle changes initially, potentially delaying diagnosis and treatment. So, let's shine a light on the early symptoms of cataracts to keep your vision bright and clear.

Telltale Signs You Might Have Early Cataracts:

  • Cloudy or blurry vision: It's like seeing the world through a foggy window. Initially, it might be mild, affecting specific areas like distance or reading.
  • Glare and halos: Bright lights, headlights, or even lamps seem excessively bright, accompanied by annoying halos or starbursts around them.
  • Faded colors: The world loses its vibrancy, with colors appearing duller or washed out, especially blues and greens.
  • Trouble seeing at night: Night driving becomes increasingly challenging as dim light sensitivity worsens.
  • Need for brighter light: Reading, close-up tasks, and even daily activities require more illumination than usual.
  • Frequent prescription changes: Glasses or contact lenses no longer seem to provide the same level of correction, necessitating frequent updates.
  • Double vision: Seeing double in one or both eyes, especially temporary double vision, can be an early cataract symptom.

Early cataracts often progress slowly, and symptoms may come and go. However, ignoring these signs can impact your daily life and delay getting the help you need.

What to Do if You Suspect Early Cataracts:

  • Schedule a comprehensive eye exam: An ophthalmologist can diagnose cataracts through a thorough examination and confirm if they're affecting your vision.
  • Discuss treatment options: Depending on the severity, age, and progression, various treatment options like observation, medications, or cataract surgery might be recommended.
Suspect Early Cataracts

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