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What is cataract surgery?

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Cataract surgery is a painless eye surgery and it is also a quick process that will remove the cloudy lens that is mainly causing the problem in vision. People over the age of 80 will have cataract surgery and it is more common in more than 50% of people. The complete recovery after the surgery will take about 8 weeks so that the vision can be improved. When you have a cataract issue you will have pain in your eye region. With the help of a cataract eye surgery specialist correcting your problem far sightedness, near sightedness, and also astigmatism becomes possible. The main benefit that you can attain after the treatment is done is a clear vision and this improves the quality of the patient's life.

What is cataract surgery?

Removing the cloudy lens is said to be cataract surgery. Your eyes are like a camera and the lens in it is the focusing light if it gets cloudy then it will not be able to give you clear vision and that is called a cataract. The cloudy vision will be removed and it will be replaced with an artificial clear lens which will restore your eyesight.

Only if the lens that is available in your eyes focuses on the light this will pass some information to your brain and your eye can be able to create a picture that has been seen. When the visual becomes cloudy your eye will not be able to focus on light and the vision will get blurry where the symptoms will be like glare around bright light.

Who will need cataract surgery?

The person getting a vision problem should get into cataract surgery from India's top cataract surgery eye hospital that will disturb your activities like reading or maybe even watching something. There are some cases in which the provider has to remove a cataract to see the back of your eye and help the eye condition that maybe,

  • Changes in the retina due to age-related
  • An eye condition that is affected mainly due to diabetes is called diabetes-related retinopathy

How will you know when to do cataract surgery?

At the initial stage of cataract, you will be prescribed to make use of eyeglasses or contact lenses. But cataract has no solution unless or until the surgery is done over time it will get worse. Cataract surgery is not an emergency you can take your own time and do the surgery but it becomes essential.

How common is cataract surgery?

Cataract surgery is very important for people getting older mainly when they start to get over the age of 80. The eye cataract service from a cutting-edge equipped eye hospital has a lot of professionals properly handling the patients without causing them any sort of issues. Regularly an ophthalmologist will handle the cataract surgery.

What will happen before the surgery?

Before getting into cataract surgery your ophthalmologist will ask you some questions which are as follows,

  1. About the medications that you take
  2. Your eyes will start to get swell to control that eye drops will be given
  3. Your eyes will be measured to find the correct focusing power

What will happen during cataract surgery?

Your doctor will ask you to fast for a few hours before the surgery starts. Even in some of the cases, you will also be asked to stop making use of medications a few days before. This is a type of surgery that is an outpatient procedure where you can get to your home after the surgery is done in a short Duration. You will have to take someone along with you so that after the surgery they will take back you home.

Here are some of the things that you can expect during the surgery,

Numbing- To not make you feel the pain your provider will give you eye drops or injections to make the complete area numb. During the time of surgery, you will be awake and you will be asked to see the lights and their moments. But you will never feel what the ophthalmologist is doing to your eyes. Mainly the surgery won't hurt at all and it is sure when it comes to our cataract eye surgery service.

Removal of cataracts - To have a visualization of your eyes your provider will make use of a special kind of microscope. This will contain a small incision that will reach your lens. Then with the help of ultrasound waves, the lens will be broken and removed and finally, they will place the new lens which is not cloudy.

Recovery - After the surgery is done you will not need any stitches. The incisions that are made in your lens will get closed by themselves wear a protective shield of tape like an eye patch over your eye will be stuck.

Duration of surgery- The total time that the cataract surgery will take is about 20 to 30 minutes.

After cataract surgery

As soon as the surgery is done within 30 minutes you can get back to your home. When you sleep you have to wear the patch other than that you can remove them and your ophthalmologist will give you special eye drops and you have to use them for four weeks after the surgery.

Benefits of cataract surgery

  1. Things can be seen clearly
  2. Less glare will have occurred while seeing bright lights
  3. Differences between colors can be identified
  4. Simple recovery
  5. Your eyes become healthy
  6. The procedure is done in a quick way
  7. Vision will be improved in a faster manner

The risk that is hidden if not properly maintained after surgery

  1. Double vision may occur
  2. Eye infection bleeding or swelling
  3. Damage in the other part of the eyes also
  4. There are many possibilities for you to get even vision loss
  5. Disturbances in the vision and even the shadows

What are the dos and don’ts after surgery?

For complete recovery, you will take 4 to 8 weeks and you will have to apply all the medications as directed by the physician. You will have some appointments with your provider after the surgery also. Your provider will itself give you some ideas on what you have to do and what you should not,

Things that have to be done

  1. Eye drops have to be used as directed
  2. Making use of eyeglasses and shield before your eyes will be protected for them
  3. Watching TV, reading books, and making use of the computer have to be done usually
  4. While going outside from home make sure you wear sunglasses
  5. Start doing your routine activities as usual

 Things that should not be done

  1. Rubbing or pressing your eyes should not be done
  2. While washing your face makes sure that soap does not get inside your eyes
  3. Do not use eye makeup for at least one week
  4. Wait for your provider’s suggestion on driving
  5. Do not get into swimming pools after two weeks of surgery and do not do strenuous activities

Can glasses be worn after surgery?

After doing the cataract surgery you need to wait patiently until the complete healing is done which will take about two to four weeks after the time of surgery. Then you will have a new prescription and from there on you can get new glasses if you wish to wear them.

When to meet the health care provider after surgery?

You will have the following appointment after doing the surgery for some kind of medication process. After the surgery is done if you find any kind of issues in your eyes then you can reach out to the provider immediately the issues must include.

  1. Pain or redness in your eyes area
  2. Around your eyes, if you feel that stickiness is there then you can reach out to the provider
  3. If you feel that your vision is getting more negative than immediately you have to step to the provider

Can cataract surgery be done in both eyes?

Yes, but it will not be possible for you to take the surgery at a time two separate surgeries have to be done. You will have the procedures of surgery after two to six weeks. During this time the first procedure will start to hail then the second surgery can be followed.

How to put the eye drops?

Before and after the cataract surgery from expertized ophthalmologist will provide you with some eye drops which will control the inflammation and other redness. To put the eye drops you will have to do some of the important things,

  1. Before touching your eyes you have to wash your hands thoroughly
  2. If there is somebody near you then you can ask them to put your eye drops or in another case, you will have to look up at the ceiling so that your eyes will look up.
  3. After that, your lower lid has to be pulled down with the help of another hand.
  4. Now take the bottle near your eyes and squeeze them to make sure that a drop falls into your eyes. While handling it on your own makes sure that the nozzle of the dropper does not touch your eyes.
  5. After you feel a drop getting into your eyes then suddenly close your eyes and sit as such for one to two minutes until it gets inside your eye region.
  6. In this way, the complete procedure has to be done until your provider asks you to put the eye drops.
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