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May 1, 2017

Cataract is described as a progressive deterioration in vision. It is painless and it forms when the clear, natural crystalline lens in people’s eyes gradually loses its transparency and becomes clouded. The risk of developing cataract increases in parallel with someone’s age. The older you are, the higher the risk of having cataracts. That said, there are other possible causes of developing cataracts in your eyes. These secondary causes include post-operative complications, and health issues such as diabetes. You may also develop cataracts after an eye injury; sometimes they can develop years after the trauma. Unfortunately, some babies are born with cataracts, although they are often too small to affect the infant’s vision. Smoking and prolonged sunlight exposure also increase the risk of developing this condition.

Cataract surgery is especially vital when your impaired vision is already deeply affecting your day to day activities such as driving, writing, cooking, working, etc. If not treated, you could be completely blind over time. Blindness will not only make daily activities difficult and nearly impossible – it also requires a massive lifestyle adjustment. Fortunately, there are various surgical procedures that could remove cataracts. And because of the development in optical technology, there are surgeries that are virtually painless.

Modern day cataract surgery has seen rapid technological advancement which has increased the precision, accuracy and efficacy of cataract surgery. Micro-incision Cataract Surgery only requires an incision of 2mm. The nucleus of the cataract is emulsified into micro pieces and then removed, after which a fordable lens is implanted. It is a walk-in and out procedure that can be done using topical anesthesia. The surgery is painless, bloodless, and stitch less. Today,

Laser can also be used in Cataract surgery to improve precision. The laser can perform several steps which are normally performed manually like making the incision and breaking the nucleus of the lens into multiple pieces. If you or your dearest one require any of these advanced techniques for cataract surgery in Bangalore or in Coimbatore, schedule an appointment with The Eye Foundation today!

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