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Why Contact lenses? What are low vision aids? Clear your doubts with us

Having the perfect vision is important to carry your routines happily but when hindrances arise in your vision they will make you dependent on visual aids like spectacles, lenses, and other visionary aids. In this generation, having a refractive error become a common thing but leading a life without diagnosing it will become difficult. When you ask those people with refractive error they used to show their irritation over it to support those people the ophthalmic industry has brought some alternatives but the thing is not everyone is eligible to get all those treatments there were certain limitations and restrictions which you can get to know from a best ophthalmic physician from best eye care hospital in the city.

Contact lenses- What does it mean?

The majority of them are well-aware of the term contact lenses but few may not, to help them in getting to know about it they were explained in detail. Almost in a total population world, 75% of people suffer from various vision problems, among them about 11% of them were dependent on contact lenses and the rest of them are preferring glasses.

The contact lenses are a kind of medical-graded plastic material that could help you in correcting your refractive error, the reason why people are opting for contact lenses are they could lead a spectacle-free lifestyle and also have better vision. 

These lenses could be placed directly over your cornea which helps you in focusing the object you are looking through to visualize it into a clear image. It is also said to be an ocular prosthetic device and it is considered to be the safe and effective way to correct your vision power issues.

Types of contact lenses

In the current market, so many types of contact lenses are in use so the one you pick is your wish and there your optometrist will help you in picking up the right one. The types are below,

Soft contact lenses are the lenses that are currently preferred a lot. They are made with materials that could incorporate water and which makes them more flexible and soft for the users. This soft lens allows oxygen to enter the corneal part of the eye. The soft contact lenses are coming with the following properties,

Daily disposable lenses, you can throw off your lens daily which will reduce the risk of getting an eye infection but it is a little more expensive than others.

Two-week or monthly disposable lenses, you can wear these lenses for two weeks or a month, it is daily worn.

Toric contact lenses, this lens type could help people with astigmatism corrective visionary error in them.

Bifocal contact lenses will be perfect for bifocal visionary people who want to read the book closely and from distance. But this cannot be suitable for everyone.

Gas permeable lenses, these contact lenses are made of plastic combined materials that are silicone and fluoropolymers and they are rigid. These lenses are produced with the capability of sending oxygen into the eye. This is the reason why they are called gas-permeable contact lenses.

Scleral lenses, it is not like regular contact lenses which will be a little large and will be placed on the sclera. This lens will create a tear-filled vault over your cornea and the user feels comfortable wearing them. There are some of the types in it too you can ask about it from your optometrist or ophthalmologist with the big hands of eye care provider hospital for better assistance and guidance.

Prosthetic lenses, these lenses are prescribed to cover the flaws and to improve your eye appearance that is caused because of trauma, birth defect, or eye diseases. When any of the areas of your eye get damaged or injured badly and fail to perform its function there the prosthetic lens will be preferred which could help you by blocking the excess light that enters your eye and by the way it reduces the glaring and makes you comfortable. Your experienced ophthalmologist from the best eye care provider could assist you in making a customized lens according to your eye health.

Low vision aids

People with visual impairment which could be corrected with the support of contact lenses, spectacles, or surgery look for low vision aids, to make them independent in doing their work and to encourage their vision special devices are used they are said to be as low vision aids. They may include Ocutech VES and telescopes for distance vision and dome magnifiers, stand magnifiers, pocket magnifiers, and half eyes specially made for near vision support. According to the report, minimum of 4 million people requiring low vision aids.

What causes low vision eye issues?

The low eye vision is predominantly caused by the following things,

1. Eye injuries

2. Glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy

3. Optic nerve disorder

4. Albinism and macular degeneration

How will you get affected by a low vision issue?

People who have low vision issues will experience difficulties in performing the following things,

1. Reading and writing

2. Watching television

3. Couldn’t recognize people when they are far away

4. Glaring (sensitive to light)

5. Visual discomfort

How do low vision aids help you?

Low vision cannot be cured with any of the ophthalmic treatments like prescribing lenses, glasses, or surgeries but you can at least preserve the remaining vision by getting the vision supporting devices that are low vision aids. Usually, the treatment with low vision includes the evaluation of current vision, prescription of low vision aids, and rehabilitation.

Before consultation

When you experience any issue with your vision there it is advisable to get an ophthalmologist consultation from a top eye care provider for accurate diagnosis and treatment. But before you are reaching the ophthalmologist you have to check with the following,

1. Have you taken your previous medical reports?

2. Have you taken your spectacles or lenses which are used?

3. Have noted your symptoms that are difficulty you experienced with your vision?

Because these are the things which going to assist your ophthalmologist to decide the aid that you want to enhance your vision.

Post consultation

After diagnosing the issue with your vision your ophthalmologist will use to prescribe anything that assists you in enhancing your vision like wearing the lenses, or glasses, or when you are with low vision issues in that case low vision devices try to follow it. Because that is the only way you can restore or preserve your vision from getting worse further so never take chances in these things and always look for the expertized ophthalmologist of top eye care concern for world-class treatment in enhancing your vision.

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