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Parents take utmost care in looking after their child’s health and well-being. They often end up visiting paediatricians for the slightest traces of illness. But somehow the vision-related issues are often overlooked until the symptoms become worse. A child does not know to differentiate a vision problem without the help of an adult or a professional. They may unknowingly be straining their eyes for seeing. Only through examination can a doctor evaluate your child’s vision and if there are any issues.

Most often diagnosed issue in children

Hereditary vision-related issues In children, the majority of the eye related issues they have is hereditary. If the parents and grandparents wear glasses there is all the chance that the kid might suffer with poor vision as well. the routine check-up with the ophthalmologist will help in evaluating the eyesight and providing necessary treatment Corrective glasses Ophthalmologists detect issues like near-sightedness (myopia), farsightedness  (hypermetropia) and astigmatism. These issues are resolved by prescribing corrective glasses for children to help them see well without straining. Lazy eye Some children develop lazy eyes in the early stages of development This is completely treatable. The ophthalmologist can correct the eye with the right treatment using eye patches and more. Signs to look-out for to consult an ophthalmologist Children might show a few symptoms when they struggle with vision-related problems. The signs to look out for are as below. – Slow motor skill development – Red, watery irritated eyes – Frequently rubbing the eyes – Excessive blinking – Shrinking the eye while trying to concentrate on something Besides this, for premature babies it is mandatory to consult an ophthalmologist to ensure their eye development is good. Prevention is better than cure they say, hence it is important to take your child to an eye expert to treat vision problems at an early stage

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