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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if you don’t want to wear spectacles or contact lenses then you need not. LASIK surgery could help you with this they are advanced laser technology that is capable of reshaping the cornea so that you could retain your normal vision.

LASIK surgery can give breakthroughs to your refractive error the cost of the surgery usually get varies based on the severity of the cases. The Eye Foundation provides you the economical friendly LASIK surgery from the hands of an expertized ophthalmologist. Book an online appointment and take your consultation.

Probably this could be the common question asked by people, the simple answer is yes. LASIK surgery is considered to be the permanent solution for refractive error but sometimes rarely some people may require enhancement surgery in the case of corneal and anatomical changes in the eye. 

No, kids are not allowed to get LASIK surgery because there are certain limitations in getting them. The first thing among them is the individual should be above 18 years. The reason why kids are not allowed in their visual system keeps developing when we are operating on it which may affect their visual development.

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